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And water to help rescuers envy victims alex stone abc news mexico city getting stronger hurricane maria back door categorythree storm moving north of the american republic meanwhile officials in puerto rico are assessing the damage left by maria which swept through there on wednesday the islands still without electricity todd ant abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on komo news a michael preston police arrested a 21yearold woman in puree in yesterday in connection with tuesday's shooting in west seattle that left a man dead on the sri comes gave cohen report from the south was precinct with more on the investigation and others chalk still marks the west seattle street where a man was shot and killed tuesday it's pretty upsetting nancy walker lives up the block he's worried about our neighborhood enter grandkids actually thinking about it when i met whole staying back to stay well i don't understand the shooting comes two weeks after a fifteen year old boy was stabbed to death two miles away in west cress park a half walk from land lease help i know i'm scared of letting my kids are here without me officers from the seattle police southwest precinct which covers west seattle in south park have now seen four homicides this here the most in a at least a decade and 2017 is far from over but seattle police stressed that a small spike and homicides doesn't necessarily indicated trent and in fact they say more broadly violent crime in west seattle is not on the rise it seems like a violent crimes in very very caned last few years here in west seattle richard miller is president of the west seattle crime prevention council and hasn't heard much concern from families about that spike and homicides i don't think there's any problem with a neighborhood at all i think is a random occurrence and seattle police tell me there should be increased patrols in some of these neighborhoods that have seen those homicides gabe cohen come on it a murder investigation is underway in.

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