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It's hard to get into because no one feels like that at the beginning, you know? Totally. Yeah. All right, and wait, you left out the dogs. How many dogs do you have and what other names? Yeah, so we have three dogs. We have Kai and dash in mita. So we just added me to a couple of years back and she's super fun. But yeah, we have a whole pack of Siberian huskies. Whenever anyone goes to our House, they get greeted by a bunch of siberians. Which one is the boy, Kai? Dash. Dash dash, I'm sorry. Okay, yeah. Very good. All right. And just catch us up on Sarah too. So she's prepping for the world championships, marathon, this summer in Oregon, so how involved are you with her day to day? Yeah, yeah, we're super stoked and world championships in the U.S.. It feels like it's in our backyard, you know? And actually, you know, most of the time you're running world champs, you're guaranteed it's going to be a hot race, right? It's in the summertime. It's usually in a warm location. They usually run it at like ten or 11 a.m., I don't know why. It's for the TV cameras. It's not for the athletes, you know? But in Eugene, they're starting at 6 15 a.m.. So, you know, you never know what kind of weather you're getting Eugene, but it has the potential to actually be a pretty quick race. The course is fairly flat and fast. I mean, it's like 8 mile loops that they do. A number of times and then out on a little bit. So yeah, we're prepping super hard. She's right in the middle of it. I just dropped her off at the airport this morning. She's heading out to New York where she's going to try to defend her title in the mini ten K so she's stoked on that. That's on Saturday. So we're backing down training slightly for that right now, but I mean, in terms of my involvement in her training, I wear a whole bunch of different hats. So I go to all of her workouts. I bike with her in front of her, play music for, give her fluids. Some kind of like coaching slash water boy slash DJ. So I do that for all of her workouts. I try to join her for as many of her easy rounds as possible as well. Sometimes I'll run with her up and run in a little bit more. So up here in crested Butte, it's hard not to run. So yeah, it's just stunning. It's unreal. So I'll hop in a couple rounds with their own or easy days. And then also doing some massage work. I was giving her a massage last night before bed. Working on the therapy end of things too. And then just trying to offload her as much as possible. I know there's no way I could run at the level. She's running at with adding four kids to the family all at one time, like she did, you know? So I do try to help her with that as much as possible, run the errands, drive the kids all around, try to give her some time where she can just feel like a professional athlete and be home and not necessarily having to do anything. So it's a full full-time job, you know, and I retired. I don't feel like I retired. I feel like I started working. I think you stuffed up in your responsibilities. Yeah. Well, and what about your girl? So you talked a little bit about getting younger kids running a little bit ago, but Hannah and Mia, did you like, what's in your involvement in their running? Did you coach them in high school?.

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