Vice President, President Trump, New York City discussed on Mark Levin


Yesterday's helicopter crash in New York City, which killed the pilot National Transportation Safety. Board is taking the lead in finding the cause of this crash pilot Tim McCormack died win his helicopter on a rainy day crashed on the roof of a seventh avenue. Skyscraper here safety investigator. Doug breezy says the helicopter did not have voice or flight data recorders. But there is instrumentation and helicopter systems that do have memory in them. And the capability to record were searching for those other factors. The NTSB plans to examine include the weather and the pilots toxicology tests. Brazi says a preliminary report should be available in about two weeks. Scott New York City their reports the pilot was not, sir. Certified to fly instrument, which could be a factor because if yesterday's poor conditions, President Trump and former vice president, Joe Biden, both campaigning in several spots. And I awoke today, the president earlier in council bluffs, slamming the Obama administration for restricting the use of ethanol impose radical restrictions on our farmers and ethanol producers, and they refused to even allow talk of e fifteen during the busiest driving months of the year. Nice president Biden taking aim of the president of questions who is best prepared at this moment to handle the issues that are before us, who's most likely to be able to be President Trump because of that doesn't happen. Nothing change health men have vents later this hour. Mexico's foreign minister says his government will consider legislation that would accommodate US demands to make Mexico so called safe third country for asylum seekers, if it can stem migration at southern border in forty five days down Stewart, and dozens of nine. First responders on Capitol Hill blasting members of congress are not taking action.

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