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Their own prospects and unafraid to make trade And so therefore they get left at the altar a lot of times we did see bryce make a couple of moves a few years ago when they got johnson. Luke roy and guys like that. Trade deadline pattni shack and that benefit is the team. So yes i agree with you. I think if you had joe manager was more aggressive or was allowed to be more aggressive move parts around and not be afraid to part with prospects You'd have a better on the field product. At least if you're gentlemen renewed. He was doing. And you talked about tyler. Matic let's not forget. I mean matt's got like the defense best star in rockies history from an analytical standpoint in this guy that didn't pitch for five years because of the yips. His story is truly incredible as well. It's really inspiring. Because you know. He was milwaukee home opening day starting pitcher that year. Twenty fifty you the home opener He was a bright spot. He's a high school kid. Coming out graft in those kids take longer developed in the minors. He did the drafts in two thousand nine five six years later that he gets bigly but he had. We saw the stuff. That stuff wasn't a question but the command was and the the more the command got bad. The more he got on himself about it. And i think i read something fascinating. Sports illustrated about about When the rockies drafted him out to the first thing they did was take away the reason they drafted him his his exercises workout routine. Use the shot put a heavy vaulted helping train. They took that away from fearful. He'd hurt himself well. You just drafted the guy. Because of what he's been doing and what he you become and now you take it away. And i think this speaks a lot to the poor history of development of pitchers in the rockies organization. Yes it had their bright spots a mark wiley certainly made a difference when he came in and twenty eleven or twenty twelve and spent ten years helping develop what they have now starting wise which is really good but the problem with the rockies in the minor leagues is they get mixed messages from different levels of organization coming up. They don't get a consistent message all the way through the system and they try to make them. They try to skip round pegs into square holes. A lot of times. And i think Match is a good example. Now what he what. He overcame as far as the hips. He he was released by three or four other teams after. He's up to rocky. It wasn't just the rockies..

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