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People this made on a really nervous. There were patients who are third and fourth stage on college cancer patients at the university of Tennessee that had given up their basically their blood to test this device we had gotten word from Adam Volmer who was mechanical engineer working on the internal mechanism for the device that light was seeping in and with light seeping in corrupted the blood too. Elementary data thus corrupting data that was a very unfortunate situation. And as it turned out like we had all this various sensitive chemistry that of people were working on. And it could be as precise as you wanted. But if you screwed up the introduction of the blood into this cartridge it was game over you would get a wildly wrong result. Right. But I think we all knew from where we sat that like, it seemed like we were very long way away from having a working product are going into the study fell utterly premature relatives where we were at. They just weren't like we weren't generating reliable reproducible data. These employees didn't know the test results wouldn't impact the actual treatments given to these cancer patients and would just be for research purposes. Elizabeth kept that detail for most theranos employees regardless they hated making such vulnerable people, Guinea pigs. Did you raise the red flag? Did you internally say? Say I think this is a problem that sort of feedback just went like. Generally ignored Dr enough cycles dot it just felt like there were people like myself and others who disagreed with a lot of these decisions and just being. Overlooked again, we gun on a confronted Elizabeth to that information was suppressed, and so I said I'm going to take this Elizabeth directly and have a conversation with her of which I did. And she basically conveyed to me that I should not intervene that this is an incredibly critical juncture in the company's current fundraising. And I was like that's unacceptable from unethical perspective, I just cannot stomach it, and I confronted her with this information, and she gave me an ultimatum suppress it and continue on business as usual or I said I was resigning and I decided to resign nights slipped. My resignation letter underneath or door and under the head of HR is door. And I left for home. She inevitably found out that I had resigned. And she frantically tried calling me I would not take her phone calls. I just literally had nothing. I wanted to do with that company anymore on his departure left. Her former recruits stunned on just said, you know, Elizabeth is lying. She told everyone that tech in this situation worked and it didn't work at all. And I'm going to go be a fulltime chef for my family. Sounds like a pretty big one eighty. Yeah. But soon they'd be out the door to Justin sent Elizabeth to management books and a pretty epic letter of resignation. Do you mind? Reading starting on that second paragraph. Hi, I'm resigning. Good luck. And please do read those books watch the office and believe in the people who disagree with you. I wish I could say better things. But I think you know, exactly what is going on at their theranos lying disgusting habit, and it flows through the conversations here like it's our own currency. But I really. Truly believe you know, it already and for some reason I can't figure out you allow it to continue. I feel like oh, you this bad attempt at an exit interview since we have no HR to officially record it Justin Maxwell years later. Justin would see her just one more time. Yeah. There was this point in. I think two thousand twelve and I was standing in a CVS covered it in my own blood. Having just been hit by a car, and I turn and I was picking up like vicodin or something and Elizabeth's right behind me. She's like, hi, Justin, totally regardless of the fact that obviously just been hit by a car. I was on a bike. And she she just says, you know, we'd really would really benefit from having you in the company right now. You know, shame that things turned out the way that they did or whatever just like, okay? It's really good seeing you Elizabeth thank. So I didn't think knowledge in any way. No. There was just like you would just been hit by a car. No. It was it was so. On a certain AVI ran into the same problems with trust. He says he started to raise issues when it was proposed that their nose transfers some stock into a nonprofit foundation that might sound innocuous. But basically, it would give Elizabeth even more control over the company because by controlling the phone there. She would've voted control the shares. Void didn't make any sense to me. And it wasn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Oh than it. Didn't make any sense word got back to her. I think that I raised an objection to this. And I think this is this was the last straw for her. And for me word got back to Elizabeth through Don Lucas that board member you heard from before who wants helped Larry Ellison get his start then. Elizabeth goes dark on me. And Don Lucas called me. So went to visit him, and he said, you know, Elizabeth would like you to resign from the board cutting to the chase. He literally said too many questions by this point AVI was irritated and seriously question many claims Elizabeth and theranos had made. And it was like, oh, something is very wrong here all these promises. None of them have happened. All these people involved, they're all gone and nothing even lined up. And so. I pull this all together. All this information together printed it all I said, Don, okay. I'm gonna give you choice. I think that there is a chance this company can make this product work, and I would love to stick around with you and help you to make it work. And we probably need to revisit how Lisbeth rule and everything else and do a few few things I'm happy to stick around and do that. Or if you want all resign twice. He said I want you to resign. It was like out of a movie, and there's the prized that he said I'd like for you to resign.

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