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You're talking about the differences in the south. I'm sure there had to be some type of catalyst for getting records on the radio down here. How did that happen? How did the masses of fans started begin? Will we'll build in other places okay now. This was the process. But let me let me see if you can follow me from the early ninety s up through the mid nineties. Black radio was started to transition from from a Geordie. R&B format to open doors to more traditional rap. Music hip hop was making a lot of money by this time but still just scratching the surface southern rap along the Gulf of course was largely independent and it was a freedom to speak about whatever you wanted so radio wasn't accepting to it. In my opinion it was. Dj Greg Street in Atlanta and opened the door begin again a bridge that divide that hot summer ninety six it opened the floodgates for several rappers to get consistent radio play by that time you had eight ball and j g masterpiece and his family. You G K will already underground kings. They were all doing collaborations with each other. I don't think I started to pop to like a couple years later. Like on the National Level Greg Grant Street was breaking all this shit on top. Eight was probably the first time ever. The whole eight will be filled with just southern artists. I'll cast spirited that new movie coming out. Atlanta would soulful Cadillac music and not a golf course was coming with that ghetto dope boy funk and Greg Street blended that different southern cultures perfectly. I remember Greg Street. Yeah so what about Jack. The rapper. What makes that time so influential for you and your crew it was the camaraderie rebuilt not only with each other but it was the beginning of a brotherhood we built with the best of the best? Not only from down here either. The East Coast has some dudes who accepted us in the West Coast has accepted us not all but some we took that business trip was able to make business connections and friendships for a lifetime. We have so many forces against us but we kept on working and had to grind for south first and foremost foremost at that particular convention. We had the chance to see everybody who was about to contribute to. What's known as the Golden Era and hip hop Wu? Tang was there mob deep. Big Big Part Busta Gour premier nine hundred. Ninety four may have been golden era as a whole but I think ours came in ninety six. We were so late into the party but arrived arrive right all the time that makes any sense it makes sense but with east coast artists already having gold and platinum status by the mid nineties. Southern rap was still in its formative years. How was your level of success measured at this time in comparison to the present? Well if I remember correctly the diary sorry what platinum in Nineteen ninety-four dope ass album by one of the hip hop most eloquent lyricists scarface with the exception of releases by affiliated ghetto. Board members miss the south still hadn't started to consistently put up those numbers yet but by ninety six we started that breakthrough regular radio rotation finally rap city top ten. We'll be seeing nationally now. Outcasts opened the door for the South being a successful act that could be marketed to the world. The Gulf coast was still on the independence shit though but but finally breaking through the limitations of Regional Distribution When you G K released Ryan dirty set a standard for southern rap masterpiece go with ice cream man as a small dusty label who released two albums in the second quarter of ninety. Six BB is debut album hit. The highway went on sale over three hundred thousand units with the grassroots fan base. We had to spend a little more money on marketing. A royal sees project his self titled Debut Sold About One hundred eighty thousand and was truly ahead of his time very groundbreaking groundbreaking. It was these two releases that landed us a distribution deal with the major and that's went down south Pibor productions became Magnolia Music Inc.. We signed a joint adventure early ninety seven and never looked back. It wasn't a seamless transition though the whole entertainment industry was about to get rocked to court and nobody got hurt more than hip hop culture. I've heard a clear line of separation is used when people compare these eras. What does it do? You think that affected hip hop as a whole during this time. Always say the greatest gift and curse to not just heal up but black culture in general was the Clinton Communications Act of one thousand nine hundred six. It made us sick and we're still able to get will. Bill was this some type of legislation by Bill Clinton and his goons. How did President Clinton effect what you were doing rap when people say this was the beginning of the end and do you think this was accurate? Yeah I think goons was the right word to use. But you know there's no other way to approach this but to say we were doing from the start. What what happened was bill? Clinton was in office as President of the United States at that time signed into law. Communications Act which was largely meant to deregulate the telecommunications the industry would it did consequently was loosened restrictions on mega corporations owning huge slices of media empires radio stations. TV networks we bought and consolidating into a parent company with new major interest in keeping their culture alive. They got a board of directors who only saw bottom line. How do you think all this affected hip hop as a whole for one with this created was a situation where he has a publicly traded liquor lumber even candy company could acquire a major label and a network network of urban radio stations in major markets and please programmers limited knowledge of how to move a crowd in positions of power? Just keep the bullshitting rotation. Keep the abortion in rotation program masses. You see what you have. What was known as the big six? The major label families were Sony Columbia. MCA UNIVERSAL BMG. RCA EMI capital Warner and polygram it all but killed the phenomenon of indie label. What had become in the south? I see where he's going with this. So what you're saying is the Clinton Act brought about this slow certain death to the culture being grain music. We listen to what we're forcing. I get that the environment became too controlled mucked up and money. That's exactly what I mean. When I say shit went off the rails instead of owning our own culture and being creative innovators? We started to applaud the fiction. Accept Anything and anybody bt now had to push whatever agenda The parent company wanted them to push regardless. If the ideology edgy are images would be cool with the people you realize that eighty five percent of information we take in is controlled by three or four companies essentially that takeover was a monopoly for your your mind and your spirit as long as corporations had the money to promote the bullshit it was going to sail to a watered-down audience that real shit was becoming less visible but nine hundred ninety Lina. I knew I wanted to get out and had to plan an exit strategy. That took me four years to execute people like you you become well respected just by a lot of moves that you've made eight inside and outside the music business. I know you've always kept family old associates around you. who was the crew in? What role did they play in your plans to make something from? I'm essentially nothing early on all we had was a home phone beepers and Effects Machine at my Mama House Way it turned out Mama will watch the fax machine. It should usually book. The show's uncle was road manager. And he had a right hand man who would always watches Beck. His security detail became a one man security team. His name was Kareem Green and they met in the pin years earlier. Korean was about six foot. One in about two hundred and forty pounds built like a linebacker in the league. You know what I'm saying but he was a convicted felon. He couldn't own or even carry on person but nobody had to know that he was forceful with his words. In a calm way to let you know he wouldn't about no punks it then. Vinh Cortez was always around as Rhody Barber. He carried crates for the rule. Dj whose name was IRV. Scratch the you know my cousin J up of course produced all records. He was with us all the time too. There was a method of a white dude named Zach. I think you referred to him as White Zach. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah can't forget his crazy as me as I got Cooler Hula Catholic school I went to. He came from money and always wanted to be down with anything wrap related he could quote classic lines with the best of them. You know he was a real student at a game and just wanted to be down so I made him director street promotions for the label by then our first three Axworthy Rossi and a wild pair of twins named the hard heads they it became our first major label release by this time. Jamal was in zone. The first album south stories sold over four million and with tomato production. He started to get calls from all over the map. He started doing sessions with the biggest names in a game. That time man. We all grew up together. Feels like you've faced an insane amount of pressure as the young men of color starting a hardcore rap label in the South Ninety five. Now you're a multimillionaire and you've made a fortune real estate holdings capital investments. But some. Some people might rest their laurels and consider themselves success and just quit retire completely. And what ways are you still active in the music business. Also where are the Murals Bureau of you in your own city. It seems like you'd be more beloved in the city that helped put you on. The map was the deal earlier. When I was talking about the haves and have-nots well see we from the hood not expected to do much? I want perfect growing up but I do want to get out of here and help the ones who couldn't get out with me me. I bought land redevelop property and had beautification projects enacted our barber shop and a learning center on the same side of town. I grew up on every time we started the bill. Momentum we faced a setback or two Dilawar red tape from City Hall. You know. I've got friends on the city council. Who knew how to push through when it needs to be but man? We're in a time. Where black political leaders pandered to an ignorant voting base or to concern with catchy slogans rather than the system of checks and balances that regulate when shit get.

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