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Let's start at the beginning. Because i love your story and i think it's so inspiring and for people who've never heard it before you talk to us about your career. What doing today but also the journeys how you got here. Yeah i'm michael longman immigrants. I came here forty years ago yesterday. I was doing numbers all my got forty years ago. It seems like yechury sitting alone Hannah i'm the only child i'm the only grandchild and i always dream about being a journalist but i had a big problem. I was very I was everything. I was full of fears. I was very insecure. I've never gone to colleges. I've never been in therapy. I don't know why. I was like that but i knew i dream about the life that i have now and i knew it was gonna be difficult and then like when i was like thirty years. Old There is that cosmopolitan version of the english Magazine spanish and i started reading it. I am. I found a mentor. The editor in chief hugh roe things that made me feel empowered. Made me feel that. I can make. I came to study communication to miami. And i have a friend who was friend of her and when i finished when i graduate i asked my friend i wanna i wanna appointment with her and she gave me my first job so it is like a novel. But it's true so you became like the hispanic vote. Yes and then. She has her own magazine Twenty four. I said working with when i was twenty one when i was twenty four. She gave me her magazine. I was the editor in chief. I always tell her you're crazy. I wouldn't even magazine with my name to go. She did he became my curse. Boss might mentor and ten years later we had a fight. We separate and i started my career in television as a producer. Jane years later we make peace by the way we want. We were together less friday. And when i was safety i went. I look back. And i said yeah i became the woman of my dreams be In a spider hole might fierce. She helped me a lot but When night when i quit my job. I have to I always says. I graduate from college that she was best teacher and i have to apply everything she taught me. And then i when. I when i got fifty when i was said. I'm going to write a book trying to help. All those fear full fears. Women that leave alive the that things that exocet that success is the privilege of someone else. And i need that guy was taylor in my life completely changed because they shy girl star have to start give conference i was. I was even invited to your rice Napalese thousand women. That was crazy in my life changed completely after my first book. Now i have written three books on the resident on an executive producer for morning show hispanic morning. Show so Yeah i'm not clear example that you have to take action not just any morning show. You're the executive producer of a really big morning show. You said that sort of a number rifle. I inherited the. I always said that. I've been there for nine years. I inherited the number one hispanic morning show and still the number one so we have a great team. I'm very proud of over yet. We are immigrants like our viewers so we know what they need. So we're on. We're always trying to to help to entertain will always says that we are joyful. We are helpful and and we are hopeful. You are joyful. Because i that's how we first met was that i came to the show and the energy this was pre cova but the energy of being in the same room with you. All there is so much joy. There's so much life there. There's just so much. Imagine that you have all your All her books and you admired her on one day. He comes to your show Bombs and and and i remember when when by mid-year year rise events that i said to myself i can say no and nobody will ever know because i was to be there was scared to fit in english and i say you know what i'm going to say yes and i went and he was one of the best experience of my life. Thank you again. you're my gosh. It was such a blessing for everybody who is in.

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