Why murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is back in the news

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Malta to the island nation. South of Sicily is in turmoil over a mysterious murder. Three senior figures in the Maltese government has stepped down including the Prime Minister's chief of staff. Keith was taken into police headquarters for questioning. It's all to do with the death of investigative journalist. Daphne Caruana Galizia. She died in October of twenty seventeen in a car bombing and for the people of Malta. The mystery around that has not disappeared before Caruana Galizia was killed. She'd been working on a story about government corruption implicating. The Prime Minister's Chief of staff. Corinne Villa is a sister of Daphne Caruana Galicia and she joins us now from Malta. There seems to be a growing momentum around the investigation into your sister's death. What is giving you the most hope? Recently the fact that something is happening tool the fact the rest is long. Dukes of lost wrestler in December. Two thousand seventeen so for longtime it seemed like nothing much was happening. It's it's not the end yet and there's no end in sight but we are hopeful things made just now stop to change. What do you believe? These resignations of these officials and these arrests will reveal in terms of evidence that could lead to the prosecution of the people who ordered and planted this bomb in your sister's car that given this much Inflammation slowing Very Long Week and things have shifted a lot but what research novice Daphne's murder was related to her work and none of the three men who bought cues assuming put the ball in her car with anybody she she actually wrote about herself so I definitely other people were involved now with the new arrests. You in the threat of might of happened is becoming clearer. And now is the recent information about the PRIMUS chief of staff being arrested interrogation. The murder suspect. It seems to strands coming together. So Maltese businessman. Jurgen Vinik is the owner of the infamous. Seventeen black secret company listed as a target client of two off-shore Panamanian companies owned by the Prime Minister's chief of staff and Minister Conrad Mitzi. It's it's very complicated. But what do you believe is the link between the revelation of the Panama. Papers a story that your sister have been working assiduously on and your sister's death. The the only connection between Oregon panic and these two men is he said seventeen black. That's a company avenues. Had I mentioned but she never really Had time to go into an ever about again but naturally the people who are called could see. She was getting close to a very uncomfortable truth. The connection. Enough News Mudd is starting to become clear if people she wrote about had been you know how to face justice right away. This is a very good chance. She would be alive today. Korean Take back to October twenty seventeen when your sister was killed. How did you find out? I wasn't home because I work from home. My nephew called me and said you have to come now. There was a boom in Mommy's car and that's an it hasn't stopped since then we've been fighting for justice ever since the new developments wants In the investigation. You said earlier that they're long overdue. How active was the government to twenty seventeen and pursuing an investigation? What did you see but the you know the only movement in in the case with the arrest of three men December two thousand seventeen and against the old magisterial inquiry was going on with kept open? The length of time took to move from that point to where we are today suggest that had been direct political interference in the investigation but if the walls interference than we I can only guess at where that was coming from and why it was happening given that the Prime Minister's chief of staff is now a murder suspect. Are you making the assumption option that these officials in Malta would not be stepping down if they were not implicated in her death. It's Dalton assumption. They reasons reasons for stepping down. Oh reasons only can explain but they have very definitely implicated. Your sister dedicated her career to uncovering corruption Censor death what has changed in Malta in the corruption area but it is an amazing thing that people have continued covering offering subject. You know given that was killed. It must have been a very very big step for people to Continue Hawaii Change has happened is that is allowed. A civil society not does not have a tradition of public protests of people taking to the streets no groups organizing themselves. All of that happened as a direct result of Daphne's murder and now we are seeing changes political level as well people finally beginning to realize that what avenue was writing wasn't partisan it was truth and it was the sexual so that's in Malta. I'm the rest of the world though I mean the Panama papers was a massive data leak one of the biggest ever in history and then it seemed to slip out of the headlines. I mean there. There was a netflix feature. Moving documentary but do you feel that the rest of the world has moved on from this big story about offshore counseling billionaires hiding their assets from the tax collectors. I it's hard to predict what happened from here on but you know you can't argue with murder but we do know that there have been movements in other countries. People who resigned telling people have been forced out of office have been all of those changes none of this changes happened in Malta. The first direct change is scan breeze resignation yesterday day on Mris soon followed also. Those are the two men in the Panama papers who should have resigned three years ago. What will happen from here on? It's really hard to Korean Vela. The sister Daphne Caruana Galicia thank you very much for being with us. 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