Combatting Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Alcoholic Fatty liver. Diseases is more prominent now than any of those other your liver conditions. I know so this is a scary thing right. Yeah Yeah and basically What it is is it's a fatty liver and non alcoholic fatty liver disease? It's kind of an umbrella. Term for a spectrum of different chronic liver conditions conditions. And basically what it is. It's it's when the there's an excessive accumulation of fat in the cells of the liver and and the reason why the term non alcoholic fatty liver disease is used is because it's happening people who do not consume alcohol. It says it's it's the exact same type of disease as psoriasis of the liver which is caused by excessive alcohol consumption except it's happening and people who don't drink drink alcohol such as children. Oh my so. So why is that happening right. What so what what? The science is showing. Is that sugar and specifically fructose and it could even come from refined carbohydrates being broken down into sugar in the body that when there's a an excessive amount of sugar to deal with the liver the the main one of the main roles of the liver aside from detoxifying vying everything that comes through our bloodstream. Another one of its main roles is to Deal with sugar like you know. We're either the liver is either going to send that sugar out to the rest of the cells in the body for them to use for energy. Because that's what mainly mainly what sugar or what we call glucose for if there's an ex more glucose that can be used for energy at any one time that glucose circulates back to the liver and the liver Does one of two things with it. It can convert it into a compound called glycogen which is a way to store the glucose for short term and then be able to bring it out again and use it for energy but then when there's even when when glycogen storage is full in it's not it's a limited capacity so can only hold so much when it's full. The rest of the glucose has to get converted into fat And oftentimes you know some of that. Fat goes to other parts of the body to the other fat cells everywhere in every other part of the body however a lot of it. Kinda in a stays and accumulates in the cells of the liver and then what happens is y it creates injury to the liver. Cells is because it starts starts to kind of crowd out and literally choke the cells of the liver to death o'malley Creating something called. He Paddock necrosis process which is basically death of liver cells. Oh Mine and that's what. Psoriasis is. When the cells deliver start dying So so it's a pretty serious thing and we know it's linked now to high-fructose Corn Syrup consumption and high carbohydrate consumption especially refined carbohydrate One thing to note route is that fructose is a different kind of Simple sugar in the liver. It gets converted into glucose so it's just another form. I'm of sugar. It's and in the liver. It's you know it's got up it. Fructose goes directly to the liver. So it's like an even more of an insult rather than glucose host going to deliver first and then all the cells for energy. Fructose goes to deliver directly first and then gets dealt with their first. It doesn't go out the rest of the cells so so taxing on those very taxing. Yeah it's a little bit of fructose is okay. It's you know it's kind of the body's can the design to deal with that but when it's an excessive amount it's it's toxic. It's a very big burden on the liver so that's why this is happening earnings so Now one of the things that were were seeing. Is You know basically what happens is there's a couple of things sometimes sometimes the When fatty liver and his is in it's kind of earlier stages and the fats? Just kind of accumulating in the liver and it's not causing damage yet yet That's the early stage and we kind of say that that sort of more like the you know there's no real like cirrhosis happening in the liver and you can deal with it at that earlier stage it can. We can take dietary measures them. We can intervene. Yeah exercise and that type of thing when it starts progressing going into the more serious form of cirrhosis then it is called has a different name. It's called non-alcoholic St Outta Hepatitis Addis or NASA H Nash And in that sit in that situation the accumulation of fat causes severe inflammation that damages the liver cells and that's what leads to the scarring And impairing liver function so now your liver you know. It does a lot of things one of of the biggest things as I mentioned that it does it it. It's a filter and it a it creates a lot of enzymes to help us detoxify everything even even even caffeine. You know when you drink a cup of coffee tea or chocolate or whatever. There's caffeine in their caffeine has to be broken down in the liver to to in order to kind of remove it from the body So something as simple as that versus something like the pollution that you're exposed to Medicare you take the all get dealt with in the liver to break them down into nontoxic Basically metabolites that are flushed out of the body. Normally that's the normal situation when the liver is Impaired in any way then those things happen and then you have build up of toxicity in the body so you become septic yes philly you die. I mean over time this can occur right from the liver not being able to do what. It's exactly so so to to think that this is happening in children now is it. It's hard to to consider that this is what's going on so So order so so. What are some things that we can do to remedy some of this so So one of the you know in in addition to removing refined find carbohydrates from your diet increasing vegetable and fruit intake There's an a an ancient herb called milk thistle That has been used for thousands of years to treat liver disorders anything from Hepatitis to just overall general liver healing and cleansing so It's a very liver supportive herb And it's really interesting because it has compounds in that that can literally like kind of like regenerate the the healing of the cells in the liver so if there's damage that's not too far gone It can help it in fact it has even been shown in with people. Who are alcoholics? Even those who are on a waiting list for a liver transplant ends plant or people who have hepatitis that it exp- first of all taking milks us. All in supplement form can extend their life Extend their ability to wait for that liver transplant. And then once the liver transplant is done. It also extends their life expectancy see for after the transplant. So it's a pretty amazing

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