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Hi. My name is E. N. and I'm a bus driver in Washington are you guys are still in service. Ohio yeah definitely we're Was GonNa Large Reduction of either shit but yeah like people rely on the bus. So I'm not really worried about my job at all. I actually have more work because a lot of drivers are calling in so like when there were thirteen hours and yesterday I worked fifteen hours. They're gonNA break today to talk with you. How are you feeling right now? Like what's has your mental state So I don't know so we yesterday last night as I was going for my last bit of work We found out that one of our drivers passed away from the virus. Oh my God I only knew the guy in passing. But that could just as easily been me like you. You see them. And so. It's like super shocking. So today has kind of been like feel like I'm on a knife-edge between Oh this is completely fine. It's going to blow over and maybe I should go a huge long beard and go live in the mountains by my show. You know. I'm so sorry. Yeah it's so it's I don't know how to feel you feel. I'm sorry but now I I have no idea how to feel. Yeah we are..

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