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If I knew her. I wasn't aware that I knew her right. And Wind. Looking at this Jesse Schultz Sky. What this leads investigators to is they start. They take a look at a skateboarder friend of Jesse's his name is Ian and they also impounded a Nissan Altima which may have been e-ends looking for evidence. They apparently had reason to believe that. Maybe Taylor had been in the Altima at some point is my guest here and reportedly refused to take a polygraph test. He's not as cooperative as what Jesse was was this fail to that. That's what you have to wonder about like if you know that your buddy didn't know this girl and the police are telling him. Hey you failed your your polly. You're not going to be so excited to sit down for one yourself and we've talked about that many times. What could would come from you taking one because if you pass it people go whether the test is bullshit but if you fail it most people don't follow up with the test is bullshit well and if you WANNA be like Uber Cooperative and if you really want to help the best way to do it and it's not cheap so a lot of people don't do this the best way to do it is to to you. Do a bunch of cocaine. Get an attorney and then have your attorney. Set up a polygraph test and those results can then be sent to investigators from from that. I liked that process but again after you take it a few times learn how to beat the system. You have to pay for the test you have to pay for the attorney all things that can be expensive if you want good once rain. They did look like we said police. Were looking at both of these guys. Ian in Jesse I think then being skateboarders and then a possible connection to Jesse even though they couldn't find one this goes back to the thought of maybe she was planning to go skateboarding with them or maybe she actually did know them right but it seems like they couldn't make that day being the investigator. Investigators could not make that connection while the told us what happened as far as her. Dad's DAD's girlfriend's son Chiang lashed in and looked at acton low creepy KAZAA. That'd be very awkward. Oh my dad is now dating this girl and you meet her kid for the first time. And you're you're attractive female. So he's like well she's not she's not bad to look at there'd be a very awkward situation and who knows like. I said I know very little about it. Because it wasn't reported on who knows the age of the sky or right to Yeah because he was thirty five. Yeah I mean. I don't really know anything about him. I do know he was looked at and I have to believe that there was no connection. Couldn't take that portion of the investigation anywhere or would have been reported on in the media. What what's clear though is mean specially like her friends from high school and then her family members. These are almost a little bit easier to investigate on some level because you can start eliminating people quickly because the distance. Yeah so even if all the mom and daughter is closed but while maybe they had a fight okay well the moms two hours away so take to establish alibis a lot easier and the other thing too. I would think with the with her colleagues at school at Vcu. It'd be easy to to clear people as well because this we're talking about people that are at an age where they're very active and they're out about and they're hanging out with other people. It's real easy to establish as you said an alibi for who was doing what. And when Rabin here's here's the tough thing though and in any bit would know this. I mean you know this by even going to high school when you get to a new school. Everybody's new. Ya Not forming your click. He so she was still in the process. If you told me. She went missing at the end of her freshman year again schedule habits routine the the people that she would be in daily contact weekly contact monthly contact would be all those habits would be formed. But because it's so in the school year a lot of those things are does not formed yet. But you do have roommates like it's a situation where people aren't living alone. You know we cover so many of these cases in it's like this guy says well he couldn't have done it because he was twenty miles away. Well what was his alibi he. He didn't feel well. He had a headache. He lives alone. He sat at home watching some brave. I went to bed early that night. So the students have. Vcu At the campus. They held a vigil for Taylor. This was on the night of September nineteenth but Bihan one second with that point though as yes when you have a college. Campus of thirty some thousand you have on that campus. Maybe a half a million people that live on that campus. Most of them not going to that school if you go to the highest state campus. Yeah there's one hundred and some thousand kids that tend to highway campus. But there's roughly a million in that area that don't go to school the While this this whole thing's going on here captain so we're now at September nineteenth and the investigators still don't have any real strong leads and mind you there. They're really diving into every aspect of Taylor's life that they can find this being through friends this being through her activities on social media they noted that there was another guy who was involved in. Taylor's life this was not Jacob. This was not Jesse it was Ben Fawley. You might recall that. This was the roommate of Taylor's friend. Mike no whom she stayed with on her two trips to vcu in the spring of two thousand five while she was a senior in high school. So let's discuss this Benjamin Folly shall we? It'd be one of her oldest friends at vcu. Yup Ben Folly was known around town because he was a corky flamboyant character a self proclaimed Goth Skater. He always had died. Surfer style hair changed colors regularly. He drove what many would describe as creeper van that was completely covered with bumper stickers and old license plates. Yeah this is very strange. They actually did a couple of news stories on his van because he would take it was a big creeper van by thing is painted black and then it was just covered from top to bottom with stickers and bumper stickers in every kind of sticker in no paint visible on this thing. Yeah I mean when you saw going down the road it looked almost like something for Mad Max or something. So it's a novelty and that was kind of neat that it was featured on a couple local stories their news stories. I guess maybe it's not technically a creeper Vami. You don't describe it as that because it might have the size and shape of the traditional creeper van but when you're when you're covered and bumper stickers and license plates you really blend in very well do you. Write folly was once a student at vcu. He attended for seven years. Do you think he was studying to be a doctor. Probably or something. He looks like Doctor. He never graduated. But when Taylor met him at friend's apartment where he was living he was no longer a student and fact he was like thirty eight years old. Yeah he does but if you watch these interviews. He didn't look that old at all. I would say like early. Twenties dyed his hair lot changed that up a lot but even the interview. They're like. So why do you do this to your van? He's like yeah. I just like stickers band is like one of those guys right well. He two children as well. The children didn't live with him. In fact they lived rather far away with their mother. Well that's because he just likes having sex man but in regards to his age and being a father of two. I don't know that Taylor knew any of this. Because we we don't know what their conversations were but we're talking about a relationship of friendship for a few months you know at some point you the truth will come out but.

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