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Crash in Pierce county yesterday. According to deputies frozen roads were partly the cause after a pickup truck swerved to avoid a maintenance fan. Stuck on the side of the road and Burnett. The pickup slid fifty feet down and embankment and the driver got out of the truck and crawled his way back up a driver involved in a standoff with police that caused I five to be shut down in Pierce county in the middle of rush hour is now in police custody. Lieutenant Chris Lawler with Lakewood police says it started when an officer saw the driver going more than a hundred miles an hour south on I five and he cut up to him near gravelly Legg, Dr he crashed into a semi truck, which then. Spun out kind of crossed the jersey barrier into the other lane of direction of travel on I five Lawler says after the collision the man refused to come out of his car and repeatedly held a knife to his own throat after negotiating with authorities demand. Eventually did come out, and he was taken into custody a suspected drunk driver pick the wrong place to take a nap the lake forest park. Police department posted a photo of the woman with the caption. You know, you're having a bad day when you're a DUI driver, and you drive into the police parking only and not off with your foot on the brake when officers arrested the woman, she said, at least I saved you some gas. It's thirty four minutes after the hour. Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours in Seattle. We have a report of a collision on the southbound I five collector distributor lane at I ninety this collision blocks the right lane state patrol is on the scene. Ben in the Newcastle area. And we have a collision on northbound four zero five at one twelfth avenue southeast HOV lane is blocked the.

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