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But I'm gonna call the paramedics. All right. Something better praise here. Okay. So you got another paramedics because it's like you always hear stories of someone falls in the die in the night, right? I just got an out one hundred percent he's gonna length, so they call the paramedics. Meanwhile, I fall over in Mexico where no one goes anywhere. Rude. Oh, I know. Lou Aaron is still, you know, she's just stopping around her room like a giraffe, like John this waiting for so many common, it'd be of the win with sorry. She's got like bowl on waiting for her big policies. My good blow. Any second Mexico, Paul? I've heard about your and yours. What about my admires? Your aneurysms. All I any Ryan Ryan's Amanullah Why is. is? Says sonny's like yeah. In my parade, she's turning into during that. That's the only way like that's the level of drunk that everyone is tonight. They're just all during. So then yeah, they're basically all rolling all over the dead. It's wish we could David. Lying on the floor. I don't know how you're gonna do. Yeah. Yeah. You just all just Beth I'll be Bethany pacing. All right. Okay. Okay. What about like this? All right. Okay. Okay. I'll I. Two so lay, you know, 'cause then in the middle of this, Ramona comes she's ready to go out to her. She's going out with t Slee there. They're going to be going to that hot place. That's that's there. That's what she said, last over, you can't come knowing that, please. That's cool in hot. So she anywhere. Over her biz rate, go you fall in her yourself. Well, it's nice on. You be only why why. Yes. Nothing. You do. Sonia hockey, laughing, we just besting it just go out. So Bethany is like is like here, you'd be Sonia. Just pass on my land. Just like you know, Ramana just go out. Just go out just wall. She's off your amona. She's pulling sonya's hair. I just go out. Just go out. We're gonna donate this to lots of love. Okay. All right. Okay. Okay. Hey, hey, Sonia. How many think is holding up? Oh, jeez. Three tenths. I can tell because they're really skinny. They don't have eggs. Okay. Now, this is serious, who is president? Lies. Biza LIZA Clinton. Try to now who's president? That lady, you make Carol cry. Funny member. Carol really wanted that lady to lose that lady wine. One more shot so yeah, you gotta mail this one otherwise studying right to the morgue. Okay. Okay. I'll accept that. I'll accept that. Passes. That was the most. Ever had. I'm gonna get a Leotard or just like a good one. The good, solid Wednesay. So I can't with this too much like organizing chunk around buttons, and too much going. Gir- so so Ramona heads off. She's going out, she's like whatever..

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