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How do you say penetrate the hyman of the mainstream we're the ones who got fucked i mean it was waste of time and then we produced the movie speaking of stan winston from the aliens we've been reduced a we were one of the producers on a movie called the final countdown it which stars or kirk douglas and it has quite a number of stars in it and the director was a drunk the crew was a drunk nobody cared about the movie except for kirk douglas and peter douglas and i and and the movies okay but it could have been brilliant could have been the best but dropped the ball they you can see the interviewed me for the blue rate and i spoke quite frankly on it and i i'm quite happy that my interview is there because it's too good cautionary tale for young people trying to break in i think you're probably one of the most approachable god's there are hate i to see hate to see hollywood f you just told us hap solutely if you're a young hairless asian boy you come right up fact rob here's looking kind of goods that true no i mean look is there looked you make movies that can query approachable my say so these movies a hilarious but there's nudity and there's this and there's that would you say somebody said hey lloyd kaufman's a bit of a perv would you say no i'm not revert couldn't be more blues joie and marriage were all perverted though what is i don't know what.

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