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Yes, even at five and nine They're still in the playoff hunt in the NFC East. The Ravens have been very tough at home in the month of December, winning eight in a row, and I believe her 12 and two overall since 2018 so they have been in that standing team in the latter part of the season under John Har Blob. The Chiefs trying to cement the top seed in the A. F. C at 13 and one they are hosting the four in 10 Falcons today, while the seven and seven bears meeting the one and 13 Jaguars in Jacksonville, Me 3 10 and one Bangles coming off the wind last week in Houston today to take on the four and 10 Texans. Let's start things off with the best game of the day. The Steelers and cults in Pittsburgh. And here's Jeff Hawthorne. Yeah, get the matchup of two quarterbacks that have combined to throw for 123,000 yards and 812 touchdowns in their careers and Really back in 2004. Bill Cowher wanted Philip Rivers to be the Steelers quarterback. But it was Dan Rooney that wanted Ben Roethlisberger Rivers three and four in his career against the Steelers. If you're looking for a guy to watch for an X factor in this game could be the colt Isaiah Rogers. Averages. 28.8 on kickoff returns the Steelers air without their usual kicker Chris Boswell out with a groin injury. Matthew Wright does not have a strong leg. So if there are Kickoffs with feelings, which has been a question mark, you could see Roger's play. A factor in this game is the Steelers just got the opening kickoff. No score between the Steelers and Colt underway here in Pittsburgh, Jeff It's a shame you can't do what we did as a kid, you know, the instead of the kickoff, you have the throw off have been robbed the smoke over that. Exactly So okay, So there still is. Kicking game has some question marks entering today, and of course, it's never easy at Heinz Field. It's a tough place to kick even for the best of kickers. So one reason why over the years that Mike Tomlin is a skew the point after and gone for the two point conversion, so we'll see how that plays out is two good teams going at it today at Heinz Field, Let's head to met Life Stadium Mike Mancuso standing by the Browns, and she gets underway. I'll tell you what act. You must be doing a lot of reminiscing. Now you're talking about the row offs like we used to do growing up. What? We talked about your ability to play receiver. Remember? You know Seward Sewell was the first down when you put it on the street in Queens. Right anyway, we just had the opening kickoff and Cleveland now we'll set up their offense without all their wide receivers. 1st and 10 on their 35 yard line. Cleveland played well in this building last week as they beat the Giants and now looking to do the same for the Jets, who are looking to go for their second straight win. Baker Mayfield, on the first play of the game throws a short completion for a few yards. So Cleveland on offense, they have the ball the 40 yard line. We are scoreless here. MetLife Stadium. All right, Thank you very much. Michael. If I yell car, then we're really in trouble today. Adam's plane standing by in Houston, the Texans looking for win number five against the Bangles that I, Adam Enriched. The Texan start out with the football to Shawn Watson threw incomplete on the first play of the game, You said. You know, Texas looking for their fifth win. The Bangles are looking for their fourth win in the team that might be watching this game close more closer than anyone else. The Miami Dolphins because they owned the Texas first round pick, and it's possible that the Texans could jump the Bangles when it comes to first round pick order. So the Texans and Bangles are underway to Texans have a third and long on their first possession of the game. All right, thank you very much. Adam Spillane in Houston, So we've covered three games, three games. Also right now, the Chiefs and the Falcons, the Falcons moving the ball already. And the Chiefs territory just crossing midfield. So Matt Ryan and company trying to get something done here. Late in the season and re Morris started very well. But the Falcons have not been able to sustain that success. And I wonder how that's going to impact the coaching search whether or not you know if Marie Morris still seems favorable in the eyes of Arthur Blank, and whoever becomes the general manager, there is that's also a position they'll be needing to fill. But right now the Falcons across midfield on their opening drive Against the Kansas City Chiefs, Ravens and Giants are underway in Baltimore. And, of course, the Giants held Russell Wilson and check a couple of weeks ago and did a phenomenal job. It was not the same situation against Skylar Murray a week later at home, but Lamar Jackson has been terrific since returning from covert 19. And he is in control right now. The Ravens facing a second and seven at their own 38 yard line, so just a little more than two minutes in in Baltimore, the Ravens with the ball in their own end, going for win number 10 as they try to keep pace with the Browns and the Steelers in the A F. C North. So a completion just a second ago. And Miles Boykin on the receiving end, and he takes it for not only a first down but cross midfield so into Giants territory on their opening drive Thief Falcons first drive We told you about that handled left them in Kansas City territory that has come to an end as the chief's takeover at their own 13 yard lines. So, ah, tough way for a promising opening drive to end and right now the chief's take over for the first time. Jaguars and Bears are underway. Let's said the Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville. Yeah. The Jaguars just picked up the first down Mike Glennon out to Tyler Eifert for nine yards to move the chains. Dario gotten the lolly. Have been a couple of Russians so far. And this one. The Wisconsin product didn't start today because James Robinson eyes out with an ankle injury, so the star would be that the Jags have had over 1000 70 yards. On the season so far, eyes on the inactive list for today, so Jags loses a 13 strength taking on the Bears in this one, there's 12 in a row four. Chicago certainly want Robinson his first. Return to play against the Jaguars. He has over 1000 yards receiving in this one, but right now, early on, still no score Jags facing a 3rd 12 on their own 34 early first quarter. All right, thank you very much. Brian..

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