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To a Friday it's our wanted to trigger meet Friday at that the boys you here ready to go a little bit later on Carli Lloyd one of the great soccer players in U. S. history is she going to trial for a football team next year we'll talk to her about that David Pollock ESPN college gameday will recap last night's football and preview football coming up this weekend view like get in touch you can variety of ways you can dial a separate seven seven three D. P. show email address T. P. Dan Patrick dot com Twitter handle at the P. show once again a a subtle reminder reset those styles in Phoenix ten sixty eight AM we're moving up the dial K. D. U. S. A. M. ten sixty that will start on Tuesday when you look at this weekend's a college football schedule may seem lopsided you have one more key game that's the match up between Auburn in Oregon there's a lot of ranked teams against programs you probably haven't heard of but history tells us crazy things can happen in week one I know we always mention two thousand seven abstained shocking Michigan at Michigan FCS teams challenge and sometimes beat the big boys more than you think I don't think anybody thinks at Florida Atlantic is going to knock off Ohio state or Georgia southern's going to beat LSU I assume Idaho will be in trouble there thirty nine point underdogs against Penn state but at least we know the programs are making money they're making progress and they have to not just for football keep in mind these games are huge fund raiser for other sports remember that it south Alabama can't cover the thirty six point spread against Nebraska or any other smaller school really looks bad this weekend they are doing it for the bigger picture even if the game itself doesn't look that much fun I watched some of Clemson last night and I went in with a little trepidation here of Trevor Lawrence fatigue we're expecting him to be something I don't know if he can be that right now or what your expectation level is he was thirteen to twenty three one hundred sixty eight yards touchdown two interceptions he also was trying to act like Andrew luck on a potential pick six yet you know these interceptions he's gotta understand here this is this is Georgia tech in August you gotta protect yourself for the long haul I know the competitor in you but I watch Lawrence last night but he wasn't the star they got a running back the ETN who is it should be at the end would that be the Cajun way of pronouncing that's what a lot of people say but he goes ETN yeah didn't Mike Tyson fight somebody name Clifford Etienne please Clifford Etienne think so I think so I would guess Clifford lost this made I think he did but then it's eight two fe and at the FEI no son I don't know what I need to say he looked great last night but he was great he had one of those old by the way seventeen hundred yards last year and you sort of forget about him I mean it's it's a loaded roster there you're going against Georgia tech you were up thirty five point favorite yes my gloves so is Clinton too good to help Trevor Lawrence be a Heisman winner be they have to spread the but you know if they're running for eighty are touchdowns left to right cover Lawrence has no chance what you're gonna run in the second half in it Travis ETN is out there he's going to have gone to your numbers then Trevor Lawrence's I know that a lot of times will give the credit to the quarterback in a team it's undefeated or highly ranked when it comes to the Heisman Trophy but ETN might have better numbers at his position then Trevor Lawrence those at the end of the year it's like to a to a with Alabama how many times you playing in the second half how many times you playing in the final quarter you're probably not and you look at some of these players they're playing an entire game they have to because their teams aren't as good sometimes you're handicapped a little bit because your team is that good we're just talking about individual wards and that'll probably be a problem for those who want to a Tonga by low to win the Heisman how much is he going to play in the second half of games this year and same with the Trevor Lawrence but fun to watch some football last night Utah is good they are good now they usually own B. Y. U. but Utah might be in a bigger picture here at the end of the year yeah and your guys act mas the running back is a big time pro prospect he's going to get an easy sixteen hundred this everything yeah he's good I watched U. C. L. A. again Cincinnati and I don't know where the old chip Kelly is because the old chip Kelly was the innovator he was ahead of everybody everybody was trying to copy him you can't get my Cincinnati not Cincinnati I think one eleven games last year and they become a nice program and your chip used to coach there your UCLA and I know you brought in and he's got a lot of freshmen and a lot of soft Moore's but you're still chip Kelly you're still UCLA and I expect a whole lot better than this he's now three and ten in thirteen games is the head coach where is the Oregon version or even the chip Kelly you got to Philadelphia and at least in the first couple of games the first half that first season he was changing the sport and I'm watching now you got guys who were suspended or didn't start for whatever reason and Cincinnati ends up winning that game the up on your bear cats stand that's the second year in a row they've at UCLA they be Virginia Tech last year in Sochi basketball school whether both basketball schools are you seals and are you still is not a vessel school or football school they might be more of a basketball school than a football school be more volleyball noon but watching that last night Cincinnati picking up the winter wasn't surprised at that L. Minnesota was in action last night South Dakota state Miller said it was still was fun I I I was looking I was hoping there would be a great game last night there wasn't but just you kind of feel your way into the college football season and there will be some great surprises this year there always is because there are so many players in so many teams and you'll have a player and or team that's going to surprise everybody Utah I think is in a bigger picture here I really do yeah Paul the highlight of the night was not on the field and last night I was watching the South Dakota state Minnesota game at halftime they go to the fox are broadcast will rob stone Reggie bush Brady Quinn Matt Leinart and former coach of Ohio state's urban Meyer and so they go to urban first to preview the Ohio state team this new team to coach volleyball upon a quarterback and he gives a nice little preview the season prostate he's a former coach just months ago and they got a mat Latos well the most thing I'm looking for two with a house is finding out do they have a defense last year because no offense coach last year they didn't and they were the worst off our defense in Ohio state history put this graphic and Meyer turns yes and he had like the lip curled and it wasn't like a TV bit where I runs joke around like Terry branch on the guys on fox you know you guys and he was actually mad he wasn't wasn't TV Matt he was actually man I thought he was gonna go it lined up for a second yeah I don't know if urban is able to decompress and be one of the guys when he's there you still whatever he's not many he's urban Meyer coach when I see him up there and get a liners trying to add something there you know get it going a little bit there stirred up there and urban wouldn't have anything to do with that I thought it was me because I thought we had seemed awkward ended Polly came in this morning goes did you watch the fox the halftime show when I go yeah and then it goes all right save it and then I was wondering if you saw the same thing I saw it as like urban didn't look too pleased with that it was great but that's what you want I have a clue you got a poll question today okay we do and I'm the start out with some controversy does Trevor Lawrence to come to cornerback have more to gain by playing college football or more to lose by playing college football well you got a chance to be the greatest quarterback in college football history he has that opportunity is he what is he gaining I'm going to guess the discounts even the coaches would tell you their things he needs to work on I don't think anybody at that position is that polished that early in their college career he he he would he's going to benefit from that you'll benefit from playing in big games how many big games do you have also you want to make sure you avoid injury your you still go back to like Sam Donald took a step back Matt Barkley took a step back Matt Leinart took a step back the expectation level is crazy now he's already being called may be the greatest prospect that the NFL will ever have at that position quarterback and he's only a couple of steps into his sophomore season here it's going to be very very difficult N. their parts of me that feel bad for him because no matter what he does it's not going to be good enough which is not and then if he doesn't play well like last night he looked pedestrian he did they won fifty two fourteen how can the quarterback look for desperate if there's he right I dont would be looked okay he did often stormed down the field they had twenty one points before it's just such a high expectation was fine he can't be fine is Trevor Lawrence you know in your face in Georgia tech your thirty five points favorite right when you're running back is free of ninety yard run you're not going to accumulate any yards that's it's impossible to interceptions he did he looked okay I mean he looks better because he looks like the part if he's right out of central casting we all you know we need a six five quarterback with long blonde hair and he's out there he's in right out of a movie but he he didn't look great last night that's why I wonder if he I think you look fine if there's if he has more to lose here yes he does I think so I I think it would be difficult for him to win the Heisman this year even if Clemson blows through everybody I and he'll put up incredible numbers but will be put up better numbers than somebody else will be put a better numbers than to a you know to is the underdog story at that position this year after being the favorite now is the underdog yeah I'm glad you think we hear noise about him sitting out next year or joining the XFL well there's already been columns written about why she even playing college football this year.

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