Steven Rothstein, John F Kennedy Library, Brookline discussed on Morning Edition


From npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly french president emmanuel macron is meeting today with russian president vladimir putin and pr zellner beardsley in paris says the new french president is promising to be tough with putin on issues including human rights and russia's involvement in syria putin openly supported my calls opponent marine le pen in the french presidential race but russia is increasingly isolated on the world stage and putin is looking to revive relations with france mac wall will give putin a regal welcome but the young prince president plans to take a hard line mac while will bring up russia's involvement in eastern ukraine and syria as well as human rights abuses in chechnya macron and putin will be meeting outside paris former president john f kennedy was born one hundred years ago today a number of events are being held to mark the day including ones in boston and brookline massachusetts the birthplace of the nation's thirty fifth president steven rothstein is executive director of the john f kennedy library foundation his word on commitment on leadership on innovation and courage are important including the word he did even before president when he wrote profiles encourage wrote a book on called a nation of immigrants and does their words and their immigration that are just as relevant in two thousand seventeen as a nineteen fifty eight when john kennedy wrote that park i'm dave mattingly in washington this is morning edition on wnyc and new.

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