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The author of the proposal is an older woman named Heather cool who? Whatever else you wanna say for her is an absolute total Foti and hypocrite on her Facebook page. She said you can feel free to comment on the issue here on my Facebook page, but anybody who makes any comment that I find to be threatening. I'm going to go to the police. Wow. So she's willing to assert her right to go to the police if she feels unsafe at the same time, she tells the federal government it can't go to Walla tosa police if it's pursuing somebody that they believe is dangerous. That's the phoniness of all of this. What we do know about sanctuary city Sacha to resolutions that have passed that other cities is that they always become havens for dangerous criminals. It's not hard to figure out. Why let's imagine you are an illegal immigrant who's also a bad guy separate from that. Where are you going to go? You're going to go in the city where the feds can't get you. Why aren't you simple common sense? Imagine that there was an area where you could do heroin without getting prosecuted. Well, if you're a heroin user, you go there, wouldn't you the way these sanctuary city ordinances read is as follows and after bunch of gobbledygook, it's the same thing. And they always read essentially, the same way a little few few words are changed here or there. It means that your local police are barred from cooperating with ice absent a court order. I does it have a trillion agents around the country to grab people up the way they tend to operate is when they figure out where somebody is they asked the local police to go against them. Sue same as any other federal agency that would be involved in anything local police agencies have officers all over our community. They enforce warrants all the time. So let's imagine ice. Here's. That there's an illegal immigrant out there somewhere that has two or three convictions and has violated the terms of his release. And that person is in right now Brookefield, they call it the Brookefield police and say we hear that he's saying over at such and such can you go get him in Brookefield goes and gets them. They put into Tanner Ottoman ice comes and tries to institute a deportation process in Wildwood tosa, the police would not be allowed to cooperate with ice. The same thing is in place in San Francisco at a number of other cities and. This is why San Francisco have people like the guy that murdered Kate Steinle or at least killed state Kate Steinle. He was found not guilty when you are in multiple deported person. When you've been thrown out of the country five six seven eight nine ten times because you violated the law. You're gonna go to the communities where you feel. They're not gonna grab you to throw you out. That's common sense. What would you do? The majority of the people who are in this category. Are people who committed a crime serve their sentence and reported they then come back. There's no new crime that's been committed yet. But they're back and ice knows that they're back. Obviously if you are a past criminal who was already deported and come back. You are a terrible risk to reoffend. Those are the people that are the priority for ice into the ones that can then hang out at sanctuary cities because they know that they're untouchable there. They haven't committed a new crime yet, but they're in violation of their earlier deportation. Order. Now, we can argue about who I should be throwing out and who they shouldn't be throwing out. My argument has always been that the number one priority should be illegal immigrants who've separately break our laws and the number two priorities should be illegal immigrants who were already deported wants who have come back. I'm not a big one for going after people who are here at working. Either with a social security number or without. We can argue that ice does go after people in a lot of categories, but the number one priority has always been those that they believe are dangerous. If we're going to establish the standard that local communities can refuse to cooperate with the federal government on this. Then you could set the standard that local communities can refuse to cooperate with the federal government at anything else. The liberals who are pushing for sanctuary cities would never say that a local communities should be able to violate federal law in other areas that protect the left. Federal pollution laws. We're not going to enforce them in our community. They'd be outraged. If you took that type of a standard also. Let's reverse the situation. Let's magin someone commits a terrible rape and murder in wa wa. And they're grabbed by ice on a warrant in another city and ice has them in custody. How would what toast, the feel of ice wouldn't cooperate and turn the person over to be prosecuted on murder charges supportive? We're not gonna let you prosecute them. We're not going to cooperate with you in the same way. You don't cooperate with us? The wa wa police chief is opposed to this. Obviously police agencies don't like to be able to tell other police agencies spruce you. We're not going to work together. So if it happens, it will make Walla tosa a haven for any illegal immigrants that have criminal records, those that are the chronic people that have caused problems again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again because the fact of the matter is most other illegal immigrants don't have ice looking for them right now, we have millions of illegals in the United States right now. And virtually none of them are the subject of ice war and said ISIS doing anything to look for Adiev. We have illegals in every community in southeastern Wisconsin. If it'll eagles in Milwaukee, we have illegals in Waukesha county. They're all over the city of Waukesha illegal immigrants are everywhere. The ones that ISIS trying to get by and large of the ones that they perceived to be dangerous or who evolved at violated multiple rules. While what does the wants to make itself, I haven a safe place for them? And for what? So they can brag that they are a diverse community. As I said, there's illegal immigrants in WalMart. Tosa right now. There's illegal immigrants everywhere. By making yourself, a sanctuary city. What you do is. You set yourself a haven for the illegal immigrants who are dangerous people. I hear from sources that they think that this thing's going to pass it while at tosa because the liberals are very, you know, as I said, why would does the liberals have been organized for the last several years. It was one of the hearts of the opposition to act ten the resists movement in go into the congressional meetings and storming out and carrying on the likely to pack the room and the whole thing. So members of the common council and so on their basic little squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, I went to us residents got a half the decide how far to the left. They're going to go. What's going to happen? Here is the same thing that happens in all of these other communities, you're going to get somebody who is the subject of a nice word. They're gonna hide on wall Matosa, and they're going to be in a safe spot for and they're going to do something terrible. It happens again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again and the only time any explanation suppresses Eddie outrages after the fact after it happens, we even saw that in San Francisco with regard to the Kate Steinle case. Nobody complained about the fact that they were a sanctuary city until it started to occur to people that a lot of very very dangerous people were taking advantage of the sanctuary status and moving to San Francisco specifically because they knew that the police would not be allowed by the orders of their own local city council to pick them up and do anything about it. Without regard to where we go on immigration. Once we decide that we're going to have some communities that simply become. Lawless enclaves onto themselves where they get to ignore federal law themselves. We've lost all sense of Justice all sense of order. Without regard to what were action we go with regard to legal immigration in the United States. You can't have tin horn local communities going and making it up as they go along. One other point on this it it's why I believe the state government and the federal government needs to crack down on local communities that do this and the easy way to do. It is state of Wisconsin. The federal government could simply deny all law enforcement aid to wa widow saying cut off federal funding and cut off the state funding, if they do it, and here's why these communities are all stuck right next to one another while we're tosa shares a border with west Alice shares a border with Milwaukee it shares a border with.

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