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To install coming up bottom the our five minutes from now we'll take a look at the latest in the impeachment proceedings for right now three twenty five. whether gather every ten minutes on the five live stuff Indo updating our full closures of will start off in Glendale the one thirty four west the three left lanes that leaves to actually the the it's a full closure on the one thirty four between San Fernando road in victory Boulevard until five AM and just follow the detours I'll take you off at the San Fernando road and then get your right back on there and then in Agoura hills all lanes on the southbound side of the one one they're shut down between Chester bro road and liberty canyon and that's going to be for about another half hour or so and I just want to check to see if that's a still they're not actually the looks like it might be already open just want to get down there yeah they're they're already done so that's good news but race out of the can extend seventy traffic tipster shock board right now and then in east LA a lot of stuff going on this is on the five north the two left lanes are close from the seven ten decals on of that hop over the K. real on the southbound side of the five the three left lanes are close from the one a one to cal zone as well as so they're working on that center divider area and at the end of five south connected to the westbound ten the East ten connector the south five to sixty West connector to the north bound five that is all shut down as well then on the sixty east and west connectors to the southbound seven ten that is shut down as well then on the seven ten south rightly this close from the sixty down to the five until five AM that supports coming up at three of four thirty five I'm just hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio we're looking at that high temperatures today they hit the eighties low nineties but then the mid nineties actually and the inland valleys in the base it should be.

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