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Stolen car pursuit across state lines, but the rest of them, including all the ones that when he left killing for Manson None of them had any any criminal history except for getting picked up for drug charges. That kind of thing possession. It's amazing that he had this kind of influence on these people to do the heinous crimes that they did. Yeah. Yeah, well, that's kind of the mystery of the whole story. I think that it's why people are still interested in all these years later, when you look at this little kind of unwashed hippie, and you know, he didn't call himself a hippie, he hated hippies. But he looked for all intents and purposes like a happy hey, had somehow learned how to gain control of these people to the point where he could actually get them to kill complete strangers on command just by telling them to do it and they wouldn't question They would do without hesitation, and they have no remorse. After the fax Tex Watson, who's still in jail for life, he's you know, prison down there in San Diego. Didn't he also kill some passer by who came by some some younger kid? Well, that's never been proven. Yeah, there's a couple suspected suspected murders he or others in the family had committed but the only ones that the family was ever convicted for where the five people in the Tate House to La Bianca's And then ranch hand named Donald Chase Shorty Shea. One. Now that Manson ever directly kill anybody that you know off, Hey, participated in the murder of Shorty Shea, which occurred about Ah, week or two weeks after the Tate LaBianca murders. He and about three other men in the family stabbed and beat Shorty to death. He wasn't at the Tate House the night night of the murders when they occurred. And at the La Bianca hey, went into the house tied up. The couple left them went out to the car where the rest of his followers were and told them to go in and Kill everybody, and, uh, like they had the night before. We're going to take calls next hour with Tom O'Neil. As we chat with him about his book Chaos, Charles Manson, the CIA and the secret History of the sixties were going to get into some of his theories. Apparently of what the prosecutor Vincent the Bugliosi, I Did right and did wrong, And there's a lot of things he may have done wrong in the Tom points that out in his book, chaos, and when we come back in a moment several years ago, I played in audition tape that Charlie Manson did you know you We wanted to be a musician. He was obsessed with it. And nobody liked his work. Well, you're going to hear why, but we're gonna play a part of that audition when we come back. And as we chat with Tom O'Neil about the chaos when we come back, Get daily Show updates.

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