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A one point five tickets to the gulf show going out then so i got yoked up by guy you're hooked up we spent so much time talking last week about the shootings in parkland florida every day uh something comes out of there that joost the drives you further and further up the wall and of course has got its effect on the teachers ah one teacher uh timothy lockheed cherry hill was suspended uh a cheerio eased because he was basically talking about his concerns about security during one of his class as well i think they have every right to be concerned especially when you hear about you know what's going on uh in parkland uh and basically a the cowards rowing county three deputies from the broward county sheriff's office remained outside the freshman building of larger restored of douglas high and farc when florida during one of the deadly shooting scour the county this according to law enforcement sources confirmed at nbc news while they remained outside his currently unclear experts say it's highly unusual for police officer to stay on the sidelines of an active shooting and not try to neutralise the threat now the lawyer for scott peterson the deputy assigned unusal said that he stayed outside because he thought the shooter was outside this is what they are actually going to go to court with and say so the story continues to change everyone's blaming gun control was the reason for the school shooting embark on the florida those that aren't blaming the guns are now believe mental health issues so now we could add incompetence to the list that along with incompetence we could also weird cowardice to the list because we now know that at least worn arm school resource officer state outside the school while students were being murdered inside editorial teach you get suspended because he wants to know hey a we okay going to school are we protected here cherry hill he's ever this they suspend the busy disgusted with the students that's ridiculous the stoughton i mean you you you as a teacher they have every right to ask you want to know you have no answers so what are we supposed to say i'm not at liberty to say as gotta make a good as derby to feel good but this thing that went on in parkland is just not only wither tips from several people including a family friend who dulled the police.

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