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Everyone thank you for listening to my podcast today. I did WanNa talk about something really quick. Have you ever wanted to start your own. podcasting get a podcast. Cast a platform like slick talk the hospitality podcasts. Will you can is really easy and really simple and today. I want to tell you about anchor. which is the platform is used to distribute create? And Edit my podcast anchor is a free service where I'm not paying dime also is very user friendly. I have have on my phone. I also have it in my laptop I've been able to distribute over nine different platforms to have my podcasts. Heard all over the world and I'm super excited I to tell you guys about it today so if you WANNA learn more about starting your own podcast go to anchor DOT FM slash. Start and you'll join a great community entity an easy support an easy platform for creating a podcast like mine so join now. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help and listen to your podcast when it.

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