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Gonna get a new quarterback I don't you know I'm just one of the giants in higher because it just seems to me like that was you know going to it it was gonna be a longshot for guys used to be fresh he's going to you know he's gonna work with Daniel Johnson obviously Gail Jones got a chill prove meant or he's out and it's going to be a I think it's going to be you know he's gonna get the whole season to show that he is the man if he doesn't get better I think they'll be a new quarterback in York twenty twenty one yeah I'm I'm I'm with you on I like the honey I think it was it you know it's it's kind of outside the box I think maybe if I could pick one of the guy I'll be so I I I was high on one of the challenges because of into his intensity but I think I would be any because running back situation might have been you know a guy that they you know they really should have looked at and I think yeah I mean are you doing to my knowledge yeah yeah absolutely I like the enemy as well if it wasn't gonna be in it let's be honest it just and things for cost of nobody knew who Joe judge what is really so when they're bringing all these guys didn't obviously Mike McCarthy I like to Mike McCarthy I like the I I guess is I like the idea of Mike McCarthy when he stands for what he represents an experience that he could bring to a team that that the winning experience that he could bring to a team that is hasn't seen much winning as of recent okay so that's the idea of Mike McCarthy I like when I went through it and I was thinking like you know what I like about this is what I'm looking for at this press conference and when I have those five items I mean Joe judge checks most of them for for them I would say and so you know when you think about it although he hasn't had of head coach experience he does have experience at the highest he's got three Superbowl wings their wings rings everybody and he's got two national championship titles okay so it's not like they just picked him out of nowhere I mean it's not like they just shuffled economic I at that one I mean I talked about his pedigree coming from not not a derivative of but what you learned from the coaches at U. coach under and they just happened to be two excellent coaches from from Nick's even he said that he learned another way a way to teach it teach things yes the coach's job to teach it to the players I mean this is all stuff that I'm like sitting there like wait a minute this doesn't already happened from bell checking learned to to be flexible with in the personnel don't tell me what they can't do tell you what they can do and we will figure out as coaches it is our job how we can use that everybody has something they do and this I feel like I I hope Adam gase was listening to this this part as I'm running on a treadmill Mike all my god this is going to write this down he asked how many cast offs do you see around the league in the NFL on another another team and everyone says wow how they get that out of them maybe they just weren't closing their eyes to what they could do I mean geez talk about Ryan Tannehill it in the playoffs one game away from the Super Bowl whereas in Miami he was the problem I'm doing their quotes you can see them do their growth and I I tell you real quick I want once heard Phil Simms say that teams don't really adapt their game plans their opponents as often and as as accommodating the I guess as we all think that gave me pause pause for thought I was like wow why wouldn't you I know I do at the high school level so why would the professionals the judge kept gets up there it says there may be some games are we throw the ball fifty times other games we run the ball forty five times that to me is a death in your game plan to fit the opponent more calls after break eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six and try to.

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