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More intimate junkie radio with gorgeous, Jordan goes. All right. We're back here on radio so far. Don't you think Richard? Absolutely. I've been having a lot of blast and the fun continues. Because guess what we get to speak to Eric Anders. This is a little bitter. Sweet I'm gonna tell you why George who usually hosts the show with me. It's a big Eric Anderson. Not that I'm not. So big that even bought his fight kit. And he wanted to be here wearing it when we had Eric on while, and I did not know this book there, and unfortunately, Georgia's probably wearing the kit right now feeling like a fool, but we love our us America Anders, and he's got a tough fight coming up at Khalil Roundtree fighting them at UFC two thirty six Holloway versus poor area. Let's get them on Eric Anders. How you doing? I'm doing awesome. Not too bad. We're pretty happy over here to be talking to you. It's always a fun time to talk to you here on MA junkie radio. Tell us a little bit, man. Like, I know this is fight week. And finally just kinda shied away a little bit from from doing shows around this time, but you were very chill quick to respond to get on. What's your mood? Like right now has it kind of kicked in yet. Or does that come a little later in the week? No contract, you know, kicked in, you know, obviously, the, you know, it gives getting closer and closer. And I think the biggest thing I'm not much weight. So no, I'm super happy to you know, I. You know? You know, stay loose train a little bit times of day. And you know, not really have to worry so much on the on the white kind of. You know on that topic of of the weight, I often say when fighters, you know, we've seen at middleweight we've seen you at light heavyweight when they go up or down in weight to me, it seems like when you buy a new car, and it takes you a little bit to kind of figure out. All right. This is how fast I goes. You know, when I need to break, it doesn't take that long. But it takes a while to kind of figure it out for you to five. Have you found that rhythm of to hit the brakes win the hit the gas? What you're most comfortable with with your body. Fat versus muscle all that that new engine that you got there. You know? So, you know, talk from this fight, you know, I've been have thing, you know, it's always been in that what do I need to maximize my potential after ticking sport way to whenever and you know, I trained all the time to these more my that's walk around size. So you know, when I'm eating good. And you know, I'm still training. So, you know, I know how to bandits my attitude. My output at two boxes and all the time. And you know, the next way. You know, people it's very hard for even high level athletes to play multiple sports at a high level like that. I feel like people who are very special, and if you ever watch ESPN shows and be focused on guys like Dion Sanders. I was able to do that. Bo jackson. Is there any what one intangible that? You could say that an athlete needs to have to be able to play two sports like that at a high level. Then necessarily I think that the game is like that they several one..

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