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Chris many of us are familiar with the the border and films the series of American action thriller films which were based on the character Jason Bourne this CIA assassins suffering from dissociative amnesia was played by Matt Damon movies I think there were three or four films there was the the Bourne supremacy the Bourne ultimatum the Bourne legacy how much of that do you think is based on what happened at Montauk was Jason Bourne this character a Montauk boy our yeah I mean these things are really happening and the thing is if you look back thirty years for years even more go back to John Frankenheimer's Manchurian candidate in Elko little further forward to analyze things in Stephen king's writing everything from fire started go to David Cronenberg scanners all of these were about government programs trying to enhance one another of psychic abilities are super human enhancement we just did a whole episode for strange world on super soldiers everything from answering psychic abilities to physical abilities to enhancing with different animal DNA this is all real back stuff was confirmed no we we we we we were talking to people that were working for dark like this is a route this is really happening and so we know it's huge it's not far fetched it's really happening and it obviously Dan somewhere and it began in programs like the Montauk project we haven't been able to prove that one hundred percent yeah but it's gone it's going to happen and these other programs did happen and so yeah you know these fictional stories aren't so fictional they're all taken from something they're all taken from some kind of real thing that was happening in their those that believe those those stories and fiction were put out there to kind of condition us to get used to stuff like because eventually one way or another it's going to be sold to the public these some of these abilities will be available to us and I think in a form of some kind of implanted chip our and then there are others that believe that that's a conspiracy in itself how many Montauk boys are out there perhaps waiting to be I don't know read at D. program may be having memories regain through regression therapy how many are out there ready to tell their story why why for deriding of stories over the years some many your dad some are out there telling a tale summer damaged you know and wanting to tell the tale and and perhaps no longer afraid like this gentleman that I spoke with he used an alias James groups and then others according to the gentleman like Preston Nichols and LBO lake others as Dan and society for a long time there currently are there in the C. I. A. higher positions in the military or high positions in politics that's what they claim again I have no proof of this but I wouldn't I wouldn't turn on considered as bonk because after what I've learned over the years I I mean any of this is possible at all happened anyway one place or another all right let's go to the phone calls wildcard line my **** is in New York my ad welcome to coast to coast AM yes good morning gentlemen I'm so glad boy was I disappointed when you last catalog.

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