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Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney
2 years ago

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These baseball tonight the podcast this is the baseball to my podcast four friday february 23rd two thousand eighteen are buster only on our producer every day is josh maccari well today's the first day of exhibition games a major league baseball i'm actually in west palm beach today and i'm going to see the astros the nationals amid astros camp this morning on a side practice field that you might hear the astros going at it in the background and it's going to let you know between the astros and the national josh and picking one of those teams to reach the world series new i love the mystery buster routes that's that's what we in the business call it we'll have to wait and see which one it is right and if you call me on twitter than you already know was shush don't go away but we're going to go through at least my picks i dunno of call ravaged federal josh center of you guys have the guts to make your pick before we get to the end of february but i'm ready to give you my picks today i was born red oster arrigo today every major league baseball team with spring training game the grapefruit and cactus league will wear black hats with the st of storm and douglas the high school where seventeen people including fourteen students three staff members were killed in a mass shooting on february 14th some deals that went down on thursday the pirates announced that they acquired outfielder corey dickerson from the raised in exchange for reliever daniel hudson a minor minorleague infielder named tryst in grey and also cash was in that dealer parts and about a million dollars to help offset some of the daniel hudson contract in in the end the pirates one of taking on about one point four five million dollars to get corey dickerson to play left field race prospect brent honeywell was throwing batting practice on.