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John Baxter. This is the John Baxter show After the election with my colleague Michael play host of Johns Hopkins. Continuing our discussion of Are we now in a civil war? We do not know we expected before the election. It would resolve nothing. It has not. The two sides remain buoyant. And robust and filled with ideas about what happened last week and the years ahead. I'm keen on answering the question. Are we now in a civil war on the basis of how the major figures are acting? The print caps and Michael and I sometimes fancy ourselves as Roman citizens in London. Him forgive us. It's the nature of being a senior figure in America that you get to imagine yourself almost anywhere. Knowing the young people are energetic and you're not so we imagine ourselves. 90 80 in London him always reflecting upon the emperor, our sister mission, But he won't last that much longer. It will be the end of his dynasty, and there'll be another and another and another. So right now, in the drama of the print caps, that is what the emperor was called in The Roman Times. There is one print caps the print caps of red. Let's call him in the forum in the palace, walking Rome and not yet departing into exile. The other print caps the print caps of blue Is hesitating in Delaware nearby, the forum asking for the other to depart, but he has not yet so We're in this in between period. And we look at language that's being used routinely now in headline writing exaggerated language, but it's used in distinguished publications. I read one Headline from The New Yorker. The long term damage of Trump's anti democratic lies with this subhead. Political scientists caution that though a coup by the outgoing president is unlikely. Trump's actions. They're causing dangerous democratic erosion. Nothing Michael and I could say tonight could out could exaggerate more. The idea of America than to use the word coup in 2020. Okay, there it is. However, other words are being used. Erase. You will see this in headline writings Erase. Joe Biden plans to erase and fill in the blank or blacklist blacklist applied to people who worked during the Trump administration work for Donald Trump. Or the idea that people are going to come forward and confess their sins and give up what they've done for the illegitimate print caps these many years before they're allowed into whatever whatever circle Freedom. Michael, however, turns is to another direction. What happens during the time of a purge? Good evening to you, Michael. Good evening, John. What we're looking at. I think today is ah phenomenon that is well attested in history. In fact, it's it's hallowed in history, and it is the phenomenon of a A religion or an ideology. You could say a theology or an ideology certainly unstitched to shin of faith, whether it's a church or party like the Communist Party, or The church of Woke, which is now the dominant driving force of faith among blue. Um, they there is a, um Process of any young religion were mission becomes the dominant, um Counsel, the foremost Ah sort of objective and goal and that is to convert proselytizing to expand the flock of this new faith. And and that has been going on for some time in American academia, especially as young people are converted to two woke nous that's been going on. In a very visible way in the last 10 years or so. But now That they sense uh, being close to the power of the state. If not being the power of the state. This religion is moving toward Focus on heresy. And heresy is extremely valuable and and, in fact necessary in in the process of consolidating control. That any state religion embarks upon once they get into power and their five elements to heresy. One is heresy is a comfort. Heresy tells believers that evil truly exists and it it's a way of affirming the faith. Strangely by showing that that evil is there, therefore, there must be Good and that evil is essentially trying to renounce, repudiate, overturn the good and therefore evil must be defeated. So it creates a Powerful motivation and a necessity among among the faithful that could be used by the elites. But secondly, heresy forces the faithful Focus urgently on the evil and so when everybody is focusing, their energies on the struggle with evil attention is drawn away. From the struggles that are going on within this new faith, this new church between different factions and different sects. There are many theological splits, and that is absolutely the case within blue today. And then woke is fractured in and fissured in many ways, But if everyone is focused on the struggle with evil, then there is a call for For unity for everyone to join together, no matter what their sectarian differences, and that is, in fact what has been achieved and the third thing is the The threat of heresy also pushes and this is very important pushes attention away from inequalities between leadership and the people. So if you have a party like the Communist Party, or or Ah church, like the Latin Church in medieval Europe or say in Spain and in the Uh, in the Reformation period or the church of woke today, we'd have been known notoriously unfairly enrich themselves, but if they if they if they call for great struggle Like like urban. The second called for a crusade, and they become suddenly the stainless knights leading the faithful to battle. Then these elites who otherwise would look holy cropped. Suddenly become objects of veneration. They're like Henry, the fifth a, You know, sort of urging on exhorting the believers to, you know, go once more into the breach. And so in fact, it's It's a tremendous accession of strength to elite because fully distracts people away from from what's going on. Then of fourth, the rise of heresy. Is a great way to, uh, to follow on as a changeling to replace the original mission so in the early church is trying to convert people through persuasion. It's very earnest, and it isn't at all violent or threatening a bullying. And when this the work of this mission has gone as far as it can go. Then the ability to move it into a focus on heresy on evil that kicks everything up a notch. And so here is a nexus, essential evil that threatens the mission like the deplorables. Like Obviously the devil himself, Mr Trump, And then that creates a new opportunity for Clarion call sounding the toxin. The call from mobilization..

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