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Have to find out ainsley if there is indeed more for you to know more no your favorite woman nancy pelosi will be among the guests judges per season 3 of rupaul dragrace the allstars launching thursday january 25th at eight o'clock all i can say is you have better work wer k had a fabulous time she said she tweeted after taping her episode among the other judges will be christened geno with and designer mark jacobs and constant zimmer and american idle runnerup adam lambert who would have ever put them together nancy pelosi in rupaul all right she's a good sport good for her whatever absolutely next scott perry has received credible evidence that there is a potential terra link in the las vegas shooting there was something we're going on with this and the fbi has been very quiet in vegas police have gone silent let's listen i smell arrested like a lot of america nothing's adding up has been four months of you said we don't even the man's dead they said he's alone gunmen lone shooter yet we can't get the autopsy results but even more troubling than that recently i been made aware of what i believe to be credible evidence of credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident unbelievable can you imagine i am dying from more answers it for that story what in the world energy releasing any of that we should not let them off the hook smokers pursuing the sewer regularly next you to who i loved for the longest time eta has an album out they say is very similar to their old style and content who great however there despite their their hatred for this president in and for president bush and for anything not president obama is evident now they have the kukluxklan members carrying torches behind the oval office in their latest video guerrillas at necessary heroin what are they doing other on eighty percent of the country uh the music videos forget out of your own way shows a world in chaos as white supremist takeover society out of your own way for that's a that's a shame why did they like a political i just wanna go to a concert grimaux when here music right uh they just like to talk also about how cool i think he actually takes off the rest of.

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