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I have here are my medical records because you're pulling them and the doctor has to give you that and you say he simply won't fill out the forms yeah i don't know position is that he doesn't it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter whether what what is this you is you basically have to run around in and around about him and that's that's what i would do and you go to the commission let's say you're a commissioner away at someone does that the doctor goes i fill out the form with this doctor so yeah all right scott hi scott yes sir i worked at a department and a major motion picture studio in what what department dr type department so the archive department got it yeah film tape everything my mother was diagnosed with six months to to live and i had to take time off here and there to attend her down they begrudgingly the twin off and then once i finally got her and this nearly ended me by the way 'cause i was doing it got into bed and chair facility as soon as i got into the bed care facility i got laid off and i was the only one in a very large department to get they often it's very sketchy to me do i have any recourse is there a collective bargaining agreement or you represented by a union there is a union are you a member of the union i am a member of the union and i had paid up all my talk first of all you start the first thing you do is talk to your union and and part of the the bargaining collective bargaining agreement may vary cover this may very well covered this saying if someone has to leave for a family emergency it is covered and you get x number of days off and you're allowed to do it so many times if it is not covered they have the absolute right to fire you they can fire you for any reason they want including he took too much time off including we don't care how sick mom is britain heartless totally totally when did you ever think the law has a heart where were you where where have you been confused all of these years all right fair enough i mean there's not much more you can do without one amy hi amy europe welcome to handle on the law hi bill nichols long story short me and my sister were put in my stepmother's will as beneficieries we're supposed to receive a packet which we never did much sister called the executors kept saying oh you're going to get it blah blah blah it's been passed away about two months ago received nothing relatives sent me the package he thought and turns out our names are not on the list and we've been told that we cannot contact the attorney because they're gonna charge the estate okay all right well i by the way that was a short story short but good for you no i like that first of all you can of course contact in terni no one can stop you ever from contacting attorney and whether or not you have the right to even see the document by the executor his argument is going to be well you're not mentioned in the wheel and people were not mentioned the will generally don't have the ability to see the will now mentioned in a well we are we are you beneficiaries under the will yes and just okay he didn't get sent proof of story here it here is what the the legal aspects of this is there's a clause in virtually every will that says if you contest this will then you're disinherited and you get nothing right right that's your normal clause but you're not contesting the will what's your contesting is the executor not giving you any information as to whether or not you're a beneficiary the underlying will you're not saying we deserve more money or we should have been included you just want to know why are that's right we're not mailing and that's the executor sure you.

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