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Yeah absolutely got that yeah i mean nobody ever says oh she's a creative and it's a good thing it's never said with the good information of like there's always like the one creativity in the family i know what you mean i think it's upon us being easy being creative because lots of parts fitness fun way you're creating things but i think the difference between a creative role and non creative role is when you create a few never stop you never switch off you're never satisfied so you keep doing things over and over again till they're perfect whereas maybe in another job you would finish your task and you finished it and you can feel have done it it's complete but when you're created you never feel satisfied so you keep going and going and it's it's all consuming yeah really all consuming we'll get onto some of the kind of you know how you have time off and that stuff later but i wanted to throw a question out there that might well let's just say so no i did prep you i sent you the questions in bonds but obviously this is about being a woman in the creative industry and i find that i want to talk about that and oversee this is a room full of women and two men hey three full surrey i didn't see you guys that sorry sorry hey that's i sometimes have a hard time kind of feeling good about being included in like all female lists for example so like this podcast is being in like best podcast who women and women in tech but i'm like why conscious be a good pulled cost and why can't i just be like a person in tech why do i always have to be under this umbrella of being a woman and i wondered is i am i alone in that is just me kind of shying away from actually them trying to give me a platform.

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