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Thanks for spending time with us well for the Tuesday beyond the headlines now this morning's might Gavin is here with a look at some of the other stories you'll be talking about this morning good morning well for those of us in parts of the country where deter sightings a rare Amir encounter with one of the two the reptiles would be enough to send us an a bee line in the opposite direction now we've got another reason to be wary math Gators the the reddit Tennessee police department is warning residents not to flush their drugs like math down the toilet for fear that the drugs could eventually end up in retention ponds and then down stream into the mouths of wildlife including alligators in a Facebook post that has since gone viral department urges residents to call them if they need help disposing their drugs including prescription drugs the proper way wow so what we don't need is an alligator on mess right there saying in Loretta Tennessee yes and they're saying that this could go downstream even further like into Alabama and the other states because these you know just kind of can keep on keep on flowing rule I don't consider that yes you know you have when you when you run into Gators and without fishing with dad or whatever you know he never thought you know Hey this could be a math Gator that's right I never considered where your drug test the alligator before you go fishing in a retention pond yeah you'll stand here just let me take a swab your mouth real quick I was taking many precautions as we can with the Gators university for us northerners and not let this be a lesson in to Twitter trolls you never know when Tom Brady might clap back that's what a man a man Harrington is finding out after he dared question Tom Brady's foot speed in a tweet yesterday Harrington was outrageous that Brady was rated as a ninety six out of one hundred in the new Madden video game despite not being very fleet of foot Farmington road among other things that he was one hundred percent sure he could run faster than Brady and so good half of all high schoolers in ninety nine percent of other pros when Harry didn't know was that Brady was lurking in the shadows like a meth Gator Gordon waiting to pounce the future hall of Famers reply was short and to the point writing I'm so much fat through the new mask we're not sure at this point of this will lead to a Seinfeld style race in the street to determine who the faster Twitter user is but we do know that Brady's take down was enjoyed by many having been liked and shared over twenty five thousand times nice nice job by Matt yes even got you it was even personalized for him yes like Brady called him that yeah yeah yeah system for Matt's hearing from his friends and even friends didn't know we had right after this a couple on a new Twitter followers probably yes maybe maybe maybe some hate tweets Shorenstein already lovers a couple this issue out there which is standard but that that you know and every time I watch pretty insole maze because his ankles are so heavily taped at someone or you can move it all at servers I mean the like wider than your shoes sometimes yeah thinking how can he possibly even write this every year take a three step drop yeah every year there's a new layer of tape it's like it's like a story with the Rangers unity as you get older you get another layer on there does seem that way thank you Mike thirteen minutes now in front of the hour on this morning America's first news Michigan is one of the best places in the country to do business but you don't have to take our word for it take petty poppies president and CEO of consumers energy instead all of the innovation is occurring around robotics a high it's happening here in Michigan we have chemical.

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