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I they have a chance. If they don't score I think they probably have major issues agreed last one. I'll let you run. Houston shot at at at Arrowhead Seattle. I'm I'm assuming you do. Give them a shot at Green Bay. Yeah I I give whatever team Wilson's playing for in any game ever until the end of time a chance I think he's the best quarterback in the NFL. If I only have one one for the next ten years it's Russell Wilson the guys unbelievable As for the Texans not really I know. They played them well earlier in the year. Sure but this chiefs defense is playing so much better than they were. Then maybe that gives the Texans a little bit of confidence but I. I don't have a whole lot a lot of faith in the Texans it. They're basically the Shawn Watson and a bunch of guys. I think that she's probably hammered them at Ross Tucker. NFL NFL Listened to all of his podcasts. They're all available in the same way. You get this podcast Google play stitcher. I Tunes Apple podcasts. Oh I cast all the ways you get a podcast. He does a great job and I really enjoyed the conversation Per Usual. Thanks for us. Take care all right. Thanks to Ross Tucker Tukur Who I probably kept a little bit longer? And he wanted to be here. I knew he had to get out a hurry so I appreciate him giving us some time. Real quick word about my bookie dot A. G.. It's already the most trusted in reputable sportsbook in the industry. A couple of you tweeted me which I appreciate that. It's worked out well for you. You had a little bit of a difficult time figuring out the Promo Code and the offering but They made it easy for you. So I'm glad it's worked out but my bookie DOT AG Is really the place that you can trust and there are a lot of places out there you. Can't you know you're going to get paid if you win. You know you're going to get quality lines you know you're going to be able to bet in any way you WANNA bet a game straight bet parlay teaser. You can bet futures you can go in game action head over to mybookie dot..

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