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Partly cloudy. Ten degrees. Wind chill is three below Hetman Jackson's having a winter sale on selected, hats and caps for men and women. Check it out. Check out these great deals on winter hat since. Winter's obviously, still hanging around at the clock tower Delano six zero one west Douglas van Jack's Kansas City Chiefs, planning more than ten million dollars in upgrades to Arrowhead stadium that story and more news on the half hour, Stephen ten in the morning on Peyton S S the number of people filing for unimpaired. Benefits hit the lowest. It's been since nineteen sixty nine now let that sink in America hasn't seen these kinds of unemployment numbers in fifty years. We haven't seen this many people with jobs in this country in half a century. Now that's not enough to crawl about. Here's some additional good news. Walmart has put out a call for drivers. They want wanna hire hundreds of new truck drivers because business is doing. So well, the hundreds of drivers WalMart expects to hire soon are on top of the fourteen hundred drivers they added to the fleet last year, and guess what? These are good paying jobs. The average driver at WalMart will make about nine thousand dollars a year. Walmart's the enemy of organized labor, the enemy of elected Democrats paying drivers ninety thousand dollars a year in an economy that's on fire. This is what it looks like when America is back to work. And this is what the. Democrat party wants to bring to a screeching halt. And I'm not making that up. Don't doubt me..

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