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Governor Ralph northern Virginia facing mounting pressure to step down amid controversy surrounding a photo from his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook showing someone in black face northern said over the weekend. He wasn't in the yearbook photograph, even though he had apologized for Friday. Critics from both the democratic and Republican parties called Sunday for his resignation White House correspondent, Greg Clugston reports. The Trump administration has unveiled a new prescription drug discount plan the plan would take now hidden rebates enjoyed by drug companies and insurers and channel them directly to consumers when they go to pay for their medications patients with high drug copays stand to benefit the most from the proposal and health secretary, Alex as our is asking congress to provide the prescription discount to all patients, not just those covered by government programs like Medicare some Democrats say the plan doesn't do enough to lower high prices. Greg Clugston, Washington relatives. Woman killed in an Uber crash file a ten billion dollar claim Arizona Republic reports two previously. Undisclosed claim was filed last fall against the city of ten p and it seeks five million dollars each for the husband and daughter of the forty nine year old victim. The claim says Tempe created a dangerous situation by installing a brick pathway across the median where people were not supposed to cross the road. The city is not commenting on the pending litigation. That is correspondent Rhonda rockstar reporting. Buyer fighters are planning to search the inside of a southern California house that burst into flames. After being struck by pieces of a small plane that crashed into a neighborhood killing two people and injuring two others. Pokey? Sanchez and assistant chief with the Orange County. Fire department said the firefighters plan to sift.

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