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With their name on their jersey, look very. Unprofessional I thought on their. Story, yeah The and I know why. You take the side of a, chase utley because you're on the team of everybody so cavalier you think. You play with with love and. You don't you know, cavalier your way to cavalier in your own work environment rich. Davis type of guy to skin to. Work with flip flops on this a professional environment professional so I look I know where you're going I know what the t shirt says. So explain well don't take my argument and then try to make it seem like it's not a, big deal. Chase utley is first of. All A guy that I did not love watching play because he always he he did number against my Mets and you know he's part of the whole member he's part of. The rule, he's a villain away but chase utley can't take it. From the, fact of his legendary status of the last decade or, so fans no it's m. a. b. I call him a silver FOX he's wearing baseball pants, pulled. Up he always, wearing a strikeout cancer shirt. That's nice it is I mean there's. No denying that, he's wearing a strikeout cancer t shirt and baseball pants taken some be pay if some old. Announcer has a problem with that Oh. My God yeah with the program by. The way. KiKi get. This is, my favorite thing that you bust get with the program I did you bring it. Back yo l I get I usually I like an old guy By the, way KiKi knock knock KiKi. From the Drake song, kike me KiKi Hernandez must have had such got such, a, kick out of his also you know what he wrote why he. He put out. On social media tomorrow's BP attire and it was a thong and on the bottom it said Hernandez's fourteen and on the front LA well look I think sometimes. You gotta stay traditional and call me old school I don't care it's the. Best school because you have to look like. Professional, yet to. Keep, in mind that kids are there and they're. Coming and paint a lot of money their parents and families are. Paying a. Lot of money to, see professional athletes this. Isn't minor league baseball guys veto out We. Talked about Patrick Renna before the great ham beano right he went to the. Yankee Stadium he took a picture with with Let me explain A boon, and everyone else and they're wearing their pinstripes. In practice uniforms and then there's a picture a c. captain crunch Tabatha who I love and, I get it but you don't get to a point where you don't. Care and. Rules don't apply this guy's there in his in, his athletic sides, Cheetos hanging out, issued basketball shorts and maybe he just came out. Of the sun, I get it but it's going to DisneyWorld and seeing Mickey Mouse with..

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