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Termination we don't have to defend somebody resign you made that the c i don't want to come back to eu member cause you to eight expert and you wanna go begging to send your expertise on how does actually the play it out an extra what she went own um the well done on cbs in the morning but the morning show knowledge so i wrote the abc we want to talk about this autumn have actually male let's get over to our boss boss after here will obama rosa was resign as she fire what was your thoughts will i used to watch the apprentice when it first came on in that even watch to see a few of the episodes when armor rosa was a part of the cast not anyone who has seen almond rose on the apprentice and subsequently on anything after there no she has a certain type of person out now when she was on the british she was always into something always instigating something always had that attitude always had negative comments peadon wind contestant against the other so everything mail would just say it beats totally with their personality so i'm thinking she was fire and i'm also thinking i'm hoping she withdrawal gap i'll have now why why why i got booed him a map i'm talking about crime is he not the one that this called us christmas grants a year here area and you we step to another segment imitating food now we did have boo'd and now you got a great well say i hours trying to be a kind legit ler uncle balls don't work all i what was your take on it to be honest i forgot that she was even a part of the year the white house team on she hasn't really contributed much to the trump administration at all and his my boss said she does have this firebrand personnel you saw it on the apprentice you saw while she was on the campaign trail win the then candidate trump and when general kelly got in to the white house in the position that he's in now he's making that ships sail a certain way and even ryan spree this um he didn't have the access that he did when he originally had at the beginning of the trump administration so i think it's a smart move um and i think she was fired the.

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