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Was that. Did you come to their attention. Because of those videos. I don't think it was because of those videos. I i went to pretty traditional route of submitting the tape yum with my characters fully thinking they would never they would never hire me. I am fully. I do not fit into that. i don't have. There is no lane for me there you do. You think that's just not because because you're asian because it was that it was mice sort of sensibility. Probably being a little too like not family friendly not family friendly but like truly not compatible with yes what they do there Do you mean gayer gear and all such a slick which is not the same thing but also probably dislike i dunno luder disc dirtier time. I remember just being very into by the time i got to college. I like discovered she already been very established at the time. But i discovered sarah silverman. And there's oh my god like that's like that's sort of like her wheelhouse and let me try that on for signs and ran and she's a genius attitude. That was kind of like the the little neighborhood. I was in mickley at the time. When i first auditioned but as like all right well let me put together. This tape did like this like my soul. My soul cycle instructor guy. Did i did michio kaku otani impression. She like writes reviews for the new york times. Yeah okay great Tools on twitter. Yeah wow you admit you sir avatar. Still that little egg or something as i can't remember. Yeah that's that's that's that's a good follow. I was impressed. Still with yourself. Smart was smart when smarty people when smart people follow me. I'm like oh well see i just. I just loved that. She'd like knowing like she's only had her picture. Taken lake Twice in her life and no one knows what she sounds like. And so i was like great. This is perfect for me to do an impression of her quote unquote right to just make it. Whatever i want. Has that been on the show. Because i don't know that hasn't it has. It has not been on the show. I don't think there's a place for it but they could. I mean you know that that whatever the impression is could be anybody you know. I mean if you know sure. Yeah yes it could be. It could be. I just feel like it was. Maybe it was a little mean spirited. Because i was scarfing away but like the voice was like this and it's chani and punch in the face like that was the impression i don't know if there's a place for this. I did this..

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