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The weekend i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center downtown seattle under sunny skies seventy one you're in the middle of 20 minutes of nonstop news on komo which wobble search puyallup police say fireworks in the east part of town belted a fiber optic line right now all incoming lines to city phone numbers are down but nine one one calls are still going through there working on fixing it fireworks started a blaze the damage to homes in renton this morning it happened near one hundred fifty seven them southeast in southeast one sixty eight from the outside where the recycle vents worthy for the fireworks debris there they thought everything without of course he's later that reignited dave nelson was skyway fire which is helping the renton fire department says no one was hurt and fireworks the cause of an apartment fire in tacoma gutted a dozen units complex on tuesday the two alarm fire causing six hundred forty thousand dollars damage and in may dying at the king county jail komos jeff potua looking into the story vehen mate whom police have not named was found unconscious in his cell around 645 monday night staff and medics attempted to revive him but he was pronounced dead a short time later the 38yearold had been in jail since june twelve after he was arrested for alleged assault in violating a no contact order the cause of his death is unclear in an investigation is underway jeff pohjola komo news you people are in hospital in the third is in custody after a gunbattle on busy first avenue south in burien that was yesterday morning like a cop like a really loud pop duo rodriguez showed us the aftermath from his apartment balcony bullet holes clearly visible on the back and passengerside windows of his car ads meeting and then the impact as a giant loud bang investigators say a couple of deputies were at a nearby park to check on an abandoned car when they saw the driver of shoot twitter toyota camry as they drove down.

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