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Came to edit their magp does he called the health reformer which john harvey later changed the name to good health because he realized that people don't like reform they like to be healthy but they don't want somebody telling them to reform and so they realized that john harvey could be the head of their health avenue their health section of the domination now the white founded uh what became the battle creek sanitarium which was a world famous medical spa grand hotel and medical center but they called it the western health reform instituted was basically a house where quickie doctors lectured about things and serve bad food and people didn't come back but they realized that john harvey could be the new leader but he had to get a good medical education and when he came back to battle creek he was tapped to takeover of the western health reform institute and he said i'll do so on one condition that i get to run it and i get to run it not only on religious principles but unscientific prints the polls because he wanted desperately not only to be a good seventy advantis but to be well regarded in the medical profession uh people from all around the world came to battle creek to to heal some famous people to who are some of the famous people who came while he treated many presidents including warren harding and william too after you treated william jennings bryan the democratic hopeful uh he treated eddie kanter the comedian uh he tweeted johnny weismuller tarzan who would go into the dining room and do a tarzan y'all to begin the meal uh he treated amelia erhart uh and so journal truth he treated uh uh and on and on and on so it's really interesting that cornflakes and all of the kellogg theory else have a direct connection with the seventh day adventist yeah it's really up because that grain diet was very important to the adventist and of course uh dr kellogg found in his study of gastroenterology which we only think if anybody thinks about science at the turn of the last century you think about germ theory and bacteriology and infectious diseases or the cleaning of the cities and water supply but how we eat and digest our food with probably the second most the important field in medicine and so he.

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