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Easy. pull to have to be able to talk to you. The past definitely affectionately soul and says love molestation does happen early on child. Affiliated ability in the view is not to say that they can't ever reached that level a section of the Kern so I guess now question. How much do you love the person you know what real week back to Menas arena on apartment? Hasn't had trump hasn't gone yet. She's the question take care of me sometimes is the case of a woman is just not that take sometimes case a woman she made he sees you professing her love for you then by all. It's not her body is not inside eight it. It doesn't tell you something. Her mouth justice part. What do we do when we're industry and everything goes we're not making? What does it tell of office relationship? We're not you know that's what I'm saying. Say she's the shaving as some if we're trying to go somewhere relationship and we're not a quick here only thing is not truly with the and what does it. What does it tell me about? It attended by. Sometimes things. Don't always come and not click in in that area. which has something sacred religious this? This is one area venture struggling. I think you should take a challenge in concert. Together knots of that you could start exploring to get your mate to the level in which you can sexually satisfy. I mean appearance if you're not if you're not getting attentive to you if you're not white yes you. If you're if you're not in a way that is not optus quietly this can you make much more points but is saying we talk about six and we talked about as they should. There's something else we're this emotional. He's not speak to me like let's be real air relationship Carney's but I think most relationships six stills reduce body the only way or bring a whole bunch of baggage I should or boyfriends girlfriends. There of how how sexual relationship should be that. Uh speaking communicating want conversation because Astro. She's Dros we all have ups and have that relationship independent wash. She had been so bad in something a series and our relationship that we can't because the truth is you change your own way. That's the truth is this is not. Oh He's this is ease taught you about you. Know We. We've been seeing all females feel one bit. God Guy Can feel this insane bread sandwich. Hey Kathy Sandwich thanks. That gap has essentially the Shehab troop the as we refuse. I refuse and you know in what you're doing is home. No holding back. Not because males and females that always always always approached. You got to be that way. This isn't true relation and I'm not talking about the whole enough for somebody who has been this use. That debt is something that is just we came to talk about it and put it in context. Six aches right because it's totally different. Rooms person hurt person as a person and they were asking them to come out all move between it around it to say that's as well all of us all of us all of our service the abuse and I M we we all must right. Maybe there but you can't take advantage it too right so what I'm saying you're the truth is your damaged. Don't get into a relationship with somebody else to do but we might do but the truth is we should write a lot of times. We move so fast we can't even hear gutsy and rhys take ankle. Brace yourself before you move because what you're doing you're taking dance to hand care from the other person who carried it into the root new relationship as you're putting it on him or put her and they don't deserve any.

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