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I must say I when I saw this was happening I. was like I'm GonNa? Leave this to Lindsey because what, but I did laugh at the Gossip Cup part like why is George. Clooney at good. Thing. That's funny about this. It's related because it's like a false. It's like a thing. No, so called false, but it's also like the fun. To them, maybe no Fabio Zoo. Done this with Fabio. It's unclear us who even though like Fabio might be a van, but he's like a who you know, honestly the most famous thing about it amused whenever he wrote. The in the face. Yeah, burden the face. That's we call him. That's all ideals. Call him okay. The thing is that thing that is funny about this is that you know gossip cop? But you know we joke. On the truth meter, it's always falls like the gossip cop has never proved to be true. Their whole thing is like proving things to be false like that is the goal this one screened because I scroll to the bottom of the gossip cop article and it said it's complicated meaning like. Wait, I've never seen that. We don't know like it could be true. So I'm like okay now. I actually have to engage with the story and it turns out that George Clooney and Fabio or in this feud from two thousand seven, where they got in a fight at a restaurant Los Angeles and had to be physically separated. And it's it's with clooney returning to La with his family to write up pandemic, the tabloid says this is the national enquirer. Their rivalry has reared its ugly head once again, according to unnamed insiders, these guys hate each other's guts. Clooney thinks he's some big shot. Who Deserves Special Treatment Bobbio considers la his okay, so clooney comes back to Los Angeles, which I don't even understand where he was before, but he comes back to Los Angeles. Fabio says considered L.. His town now after George left for Europe. First of all. and Gaza is kind of like doing the same thing I'm doing which is like, even if this few did happen in two thousand seven where they like had this confrontation. How does it make any sense at all that now because George? Clooney came back to Los Angeles. That Fabio's like get the fucking funny. Look. This is just like. George and a mall and the twins are less like. In the middle of this pandemic in the middle of everything and George wakes up and he's like I've I've had animals like I know like the world. It's so sad. He's like yeah. I'm pissed off at FOB animals like what this pre almost like. This predates me. George this predates me. I can't deal with this, but then I went back to the report, and I'm so glad that Gaza cop like opened me up to the story like that I didn't know about so it says as George was dining with girlfriends Sarah Larson first of all who were where where who's this girlfriend can well. He had that whole string, but who then? Girlfriend Sara Larsson. Who Kuni gone to a motorcycle crash with last summer, who he recently defended from a caller opened up to the Las Vegas Review Journal about how she met the movie star. They're all those photos of those are all those photos of them at the premiere of Michael Clayton and she's in crutch because of the motorcycle accident identified. She's I is a model. That he met oak at Randy, Gerbers, house or something, but she's on. She was on crutches at the Michael. Clayton Premiere Okay back to the story as George was dining with skirl, friend, Sarah, Larson and another man at Madeo 's first of all. What A two thousand rest! Seven restaurant name! Von Bulow was at a nearby table with a group of friends. He began taking photos of themselves at their table. However when George suspected that was his table that the camera was targeting, he flipped off the photographer as the. The picture was being taken Fabio Ben Approach. George table to explain he was having a charity dinner for the Eleven Ninety Nine Foundation and his guests rolling taking pictures of each other quote. The woman I were taking photos of us. Only the women were not taking photos of George out of courtesy I even went to Georgia's tabled tabled. Explain that to him. I just feel badly that it ruined the night of these women who paid to support the charity. I am thinking of something to make it up for them. A source told access that during excess Hollywood that during the interview, Fabio, Georgia, teach him a few manners. This happened prior to the altercation between the two men. A few expletives were exchanged by both men for they to be physically broken up. God so God. That's just class. It's just shut up George. I just like that is annoying, but I do love learning that like. Whether or not, they still hate each other. At one point fabulous George Clooney, wearing a feud like. Did you know that I didn't? That's incorrect. That's like incredible information. I were ever feud with either those people however minimal i. don't think I would ever get over it. I would talk about it all the time that. All the time. Well, you know how I feel about him. You know how I feel about him, but also the idea that fabulous I own L. A. Like. Don't tell George to step into L. A. Ever again. I own this town. That's pretty funny. anyways. Thank you gossip cop this one time only for introducing me to this viewed although also thank you gossip comfort introducing. It's complicated to the Gaza move, guys, I have never. Do you realize one two, three, four five? There are five distinct sections on the gossip copter meter. Now what are those? Mid Range I have no idea what the mid range those gray area ones and I was like just WanNa you know gossip rarely admits that they're wrong or that. They don't know something. They know that it's underlined year that there's a gray area because always find a store they can always gossip. Cop Can always find a source to go with the Party line. They can always find. Yes, but here they're like. I I'm really I. Respect Gospel Copper. Saying like you know what it's complicated. Things are murky I'm unclear. But also fuck cops and fuck the gossip. Cop. When will the Gospel Cop rebrand as the gossip? The gossip defend when we defined gossip. Cops like what will they? We gotta get some other. They really need to rebrand. Yeah, absolutely, don't you think yeah I? Think so so what's next? Amanda Seals. Seals. And I was like she was, she just got there. Just, showed up. This show went without a host after Taymor Braxton. Tamera left like in two thousand six. Hey, mark left long ago. They fought about it for so long..

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