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Always ahead of us and we could never get in front of those kinds of problems because our intelligence community, the counterterrorism efforts were simply to dysfunctional. And because it was. Overseas, there was never that sense of urgency that we saw unfold after nine eleven. Can we go through it all because you brought it up before I think you kind of wild things are going before I'm. I'm of the understanding that Black September is sort of the. Starting of the modern wave would that be a good analogy or thought? In would you know I tell? Analysts since students of terrorism this all the time. If if you want to understand how we got here, you have to go back and look at an organization called the Black September organisation, which was basically. Yes. Or Arafat's secret terrorist organization much like the Iranians used Emad Mug. Nia. embassies. So here you had this group lack September, which is most people know them related to the nineteen seventy-two unique massacre or the eleven Israeli. Athletes were assassinated why that is a pivotal moment Harrick. This is the first time the terrorism Israeli broadcast into the American household. You had everybody tuned in to watch the Olympics in Munich and seventy two and all of a sudden. You had this horrific terrorist attack. You had that very infamous picture of the mask terrorist on the balcony that just became icon Eric Kinda define the moment. and. That event changed special event security forever meaning That was the kind of watershed moment that as you fast forward to today really changed how you protect special events and Olympic athletes and large scale. INAUGURATIONS and. Speeches and so forth. So The Black September organisation. A. Really. Put a their mark on global terror and they were intertwined with the. Red Army Faction with the Italian Red Brigades. With the Japanese Red Army. And they were capable of killing and did kill. Especially Israeli intelligence officers. Likely have not seen before. And so for anybody that's watching this if you really want to see a good. Film that kind of depict? What took place look at Steven Spielberg's movie.

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