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Now I mean that's not ancient history. It might be to some of the twenty year olds who listen to the show or something like that. But if you're H I mean Bill Clinton was like that's if Bill Clinton didn't something happened at that time in America it's not like we're just over it by the way to your point of nine eleven. This is one president removed. There's just a few years before nine. Eleven you say nineteen years ago. I twenty only six years ago. It's not that far of a distance. So do you think in nineteen seventy nine. When they had that revolution they kind of remembered what happened in fifty three? I'm still fucking pin. It was twenty seven years. agom still fucking pissed about Waco. Oh Yeah Yeah and Twenty eight years ago was Ruby Ridge. I mean these are things that I bring up all the time and should be brought up all the time. This is not ancient history. If someone's Oh well you know really. You shouldn't bring that up and everything it's like well don't complain when the Iranians are talking talking about what what they did. What most of that and of course if you and the other thing is that you don't even have to go back that law? It's not like nothing since then. It happened it probably wouldn't be such a tense situation if nothing nothing had happened since one thousand nine hundred eighty three but look at what these sanctions have been doing to Iran just over the last decade over the last twenty years. I mean imagine you know like a imagine someone on poorer than the far far more than the poorest person you know. And they're being held there by a foreign power. Yeah of course this is going to build up some resentment so the situation situation To me is pretty clear. America's the aggressor This is C. A.. Ran For whatever reason whether it's you know just lining the pockets of the military industrial Israel complex whether it's about the petrodollar whether it's about Israel Saudi Arabia I to be honest. Think it's a mix of all of those things but they see the Iran is a threat to the American empire and this has been true for for a long time and the you know because Israel tell them a threat back to the empire is that Israel is the one who if you remember Iran Contra in the eighty S it was sell selling weapons is and like you know in that whole thing of Iran and weapons. They were giving funneled through Israel right so it's not like Iran you know in my lifetime. Iran in Israel Israel work together and then Gareth Porter says it was in the early nineties when people really started speaking out against the treatment of people in the Gaza the Palestinians. That's when they went. We need we need an enemy. We need something to distract from this. Yeah and they chosen right and it's it has been somewhat effective now. I'd be there. They're five years away from a nuclear weapon. Well that's right five years twenty years ago so they've thirty several. I saw a headline from Nineteen eighty-four. Wow so that's yeah no. It started early. 'cause I said one time when I had Scott on the show. Yeah where I was like. You know Israel's been saying since the nineties there are few years away and he goes eighties. I was like Oh actually. I didn't know that. But that's that maybe that's my age. I don't remember the ship in the eighties. But so for and just like with and this is one of the easy ways to smell bullshit with with so many of these. These war hawk. War Hawks propaganda is like so like Syria. For example where it's like okay. Well we need to go in. You know you fine fine. I mean. We find out from people like Wesley. Clark that this was a plan right after nine. Eleven to topple the government in Syria. But then all the sudden you know in two thousand twelve or whatever it's well acids killing his own people so we need to go into Syria and then that doesn't work so it's like well. There's Isis so we need to go into Syria and that doesn't work so it's like well. He's chemical weapons so we need to go into Syria and then it's like well. The Kurds are going to be slaughtered so we need to go into Syria and that well Russia's there so we need and it's always a new excuse but for the same more that they wanted all along long and with the ran the original excuse was went like this. This one held for a very long time. Okay what they said was and this was the argument meant that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. And this isn't like other countries that have nuclear weapons because because you see like Pakistan yes that's right. It does nothing. No that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and and and by the way I remember when that first came out when India and Pakistan had nuclear the weapons. Everyone was like well. This is a religious war. So they're gonNA use them. Of course none of this came to fruition but maybe nuclear weapons don't exist. Oh well that is. I've I've been presented with that argument but I heard but the argument from the neo cons was a that if Iran gets nuclear weapons. This country is such the theocracy. They're so bad shit crazy that they don't work like you and me and the rest of people who have self interest and are interested in self-preservation if they get this nuclear weapon they will use it and they've said over and over again that the wipe Israel off the face of the planet so they get they get nuclear weapons. Israel's nuked the whole fucking world is going down in a nuclear war and we can't possibly let them have nuclear weapons. This was always the original talking point and some of them will still throw it out every now now and then although that has retreated into the background. Because it's just you know they would always give these timelines. It was three years away. It was five years away. It's twelve months away. Oh Oh my God. It's only a couple of weeks and then you know it never comes true. It never comes true. I think it was in twenty. Twelve that Netanyahu humiliated himself with the DAFFY RAFFIA DOWN The road runner Daffy Duck speak to the other side and then he'd have to turn it back around and and they were all the way up to the top so they must at this point be like really related to end. Of course they went. When Obama signed the were signed onto the Iran deal? They went well now the really on the fast track back to the nuclear bomb years later. No Nuke it's always been bullshit. Pure war propaganda. I refuse to even confront people people on social media like today I was saying I have sat someone I'm like. Do you know the difference between Sunni and Shia. And it's like if they don't know the difference they Nikko. It's all one thing and every day I had some guy who was like. Oh I was stationed over there and it's all the same and I that's a judgment upon you so you don't. You don't know that there's a difference. I mean ask. Somebody asked anyone walking down the street. Who's responsible for nine eleven? They're not going to say they're not going to say Suny. No no that no. That's right. This is Fox News and the like intentionally playoff playoff that I mean they intentionally where they go. Iran is the biggest funder of terrorism. Wink wink. You know they don't think you're talking about Hezbollah they don't don't think you're talking about. They think you're talking about Al Qaeda. They you know and like and it really is. It's it's it's just pure evil borderline criminal the way they they intentionally al-Qaeda boogeyman for everything right. Al Qaeda's in Yemen. You gotTa bump. Oh Al Shabaab is with al Qaeda in Somalia Malia well now and that's so any basically any suny with a rifle is al Qaeda any Shiite with a rifle is around because our that's more more or less the way it works in the Neo con worldview all right let's take a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show our brand new sponsor. I WanNa tell you about these guys..

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