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Uh are you harry by the crush of black friday shoppers well here's an antidote the my gallagher highlight chill were keeping you company today i'm peter eke mites announcer sitting in for my both you're a fan of fox news then you know oh there are whose anchors and then there are commentators never the twain shall meet greg jarrett is fuel tankers to cross over from reporting so we could shares opinions as a columnist and commentator the bike talk to him about that and much wider here's mike and greg jarrett to highlight show i was reading it media that she and her jake tapper opened his show the other day by shane mack some of our show that we won ideas and policies to be debated full 402 glee while we also try to stand up for facts as well as basic human decency hoon wonder how many protrump voices tried tapper features regularly on his panels and on his show what how many how many protrump people do you see on these socalled objective news shows not many but they all seemed to be quoting james clapper these days james clapper who is wondering publicly about the fitness of president trump is she headed for an early exit he worries i saw a clapper the former head of the intelligence agency talk about whether or not near he worries about trump having access to the nuclear coach because he's you know he's crazy don't you know and he could just blow up sweden one day he might just aside belgian that's you know the way james clapper is carrying on joe makes me wonder about the issue the track record of james clapper greg jarrett wrote wrote about greg joined fox news back in two thousand into asia fox.

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