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It was a shock to not only everybody in WWE fans. But like also superstars like nobody knew about it. They all find out when he did the promo in the middle of the ring. Wow. Which is kind of crazy to me that, you know, the people that you work with and the people that you're closest to don't know this huge thing about you. And it kinda shook me, particularly because Katie I know, you know, this, but not a lot of people that I work with do. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was twenty four. So there are a lot of parallels. I know obviously, leukemia thyroid cancer aren't the same. But he was twenty two. He was able to get the leukemia into remission right away. And then for the last eleven years has been, you know, fine until now in the he's thirty three I was twenty four I was able to get it, you know, into remission. I had two surgeries. It was out was good. I was great. It's been nine years for me. I'm also thirty three in. It's just kinda like oh my gosh. This could come back at any time. And it's just like a very scary hands shake talk about it. It's just it's a really scary thing. And I think his calling attention to it made me wanna talk about it because it can be very. A leading for people. Going through it. Even if you're not in you, having an active. If you're diseases an active at that time because you don't you don't wanna talk about it because you don't want people to. Identify you by that. I knew by it yet. Right. The word I was trying to say, but it's also such a big part of what shapes you as a person like that experience. You also feel dislike. Kilts almost for like, the strain that it puts on your friends and family like wall. You're going through the recovery aspect. And so it's like, even though you have the support of those people who love you, the most you still feel lonely because you've not only are you going through it, and it's hard. But you know, how hard you're making it on other people, and they just like it was a really cool thing to see all of the WWE universe. Kind of come together and support him when he made this announcement, especially because he is so famously booed all the time I was gonna say character don't like him. Well, it's it's a, you know, he's. Yes. And no, yeah. Like, he gets booed everywhere for everything. But he also just recently, I think in August like overcame John CENA for having the most sit merch sales. Oh, it's like people by stove love to hate him. Exactly. Like he puts butts in seats. He's still the face of the company, but everybody kind of like there was an outpouring of support not only from fans but other superstars and everything in like everyone's thinking about him in like they're supporting him now. But in like, six months, naturally, we're all gonna kinda forget that's what he's going to be like really in it. And this person that we see is so strong as going to be really struggling and physically like week and have lost the thing that, you know, his identity right away his whole job his career. And I just wanted. I I don't know what the purpose of me saying this is except like to anybody out there who has something. That they are going through or they have gone through. Like, there are other people who know what you're feeling and sometimes talking about it can be therapeutic. It doesn't feel you don't have to feel like you have to hide it or keep it from people, even if you have to like make adjustments that impact your day to day life, people will make fun of you like I have things because I also fun. Fact, I also have lupus. So that's something I have to deal with every day. Like, I can't do certain things..

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