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The new account pool where it never touch rental affect our business brunner says up to half the company's employees are immigrants or children of immigrants president trump has supported cutting legal immigration by half and moving to a merit based system that favours educated workers juliane occurs with the chicago council on global affairs a nonpartisan foreign policy thinktank she says the midwest especially needs immigrants as baby boomers retire and thousands leave the region construction industry's hospitality agriculture i mean so many of these industries that are vital to our economy rely on all kinds of skills but also lowskilled unamerican system that only look that education will not serve army of people who want to limit legal immigration say it would support american workers and increase wages but david beer with the liberal jerian cato institute says the best economic evidence on this shoes that immigration increases wages over paul for most americans most americans except the least educated research shows nativeborn people without high school diplomas can see their wages fall when there are more immigrants competing for the same jobs i made me scott for marketplace so here's a thought the uncertainty of government shutdown and what it says about how this could reruns itself brought onto the global economic stage the next round of negotiations over the north american free trade agreement officially begins tomorrow in montreal the sixth of seven rounds this one is so we are getting down to it and now that there's deal to get the government back open the united states is going to have a full roster of negotiators at the talks negotiators who we trying once again to hammer out a trade deal that president trump has been threatening to abandon from the start it's no secret that there hasn't been much artful dealmaking in washington of late in the president has shown himself willing as ever to change his position and then change it again which means watch for our international trade leverage at those talks in montreal marketplace nancy morgan's or has that one it's a safe bet that.

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