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Suddenly wanted suddenly wanted my Email address before permission to look at the vaccine totals. Oh, Jesus. That was popular, so they want to get something out of it. I'm sure they're going to sell it. I'm going to get 30 pieces of junk mail for the end of the show. All right. So here we go. Oh, Star daily tracker. You can't let it go. Yeah, make the sacrifice. But it raises email. That was a good idea. All right, one holding company man, I got to do the do Sometimes I do that to five poopy pants said, Uh, Let your online name alright. California has dropped to 41st place We're getting for their big diaper. We've looked down the 41st, right? Oh, no, that's slippage. Yeah, we were up, asshole. I is 29th. A few days ago. Yes, have the numbers for getting worse 4,200,000 vaccinations, but it's 62%. So that would mean you know, there's a well over six million vaccines. Well over two million are still sitting on the shelf. We can't see. We can't seem to catch up. It's just they're They're They're sending us more vaccines and are Distribution rate is actually falling. Look, No. This your vaccine number. Four million. 199,626 to be exact. Okay. Must be. I'm looking at the Sacramento Bee. But I think their trackers a day behind and they only have 3.1 million vaccinated California. Yeah, Every newspaper's got a different track. But I did hear that Give the exciting news vaccinations have now exceeded the number of confirmed covert cases in California. How's that? Yeah, well, if only 0.3 million is that number only the people who got the virus had gotten the vaccine first, uh, two different groups so they have vaccinated 8% of the population. Only 1.7% have gotten two doses. Out of everybody who lives in the state, and they are up to 160,000 shots a day now. But it's still really slow. As you know, this is just such Yeah, Here's the updated story in the second. You're right. The 4,199,626 vaccinations when they get caught up. They all have the same numbers because they're all using the CDC numbers right? There's no there's no special. So this comes from the California Department. Public health, But that's probably who gives the CDC the number? Yes. Yeah. So Friday became the first day to clear 200,000 shots and into the tally. Mm. Well. California still struggles with data reporting wait, just struggling with everything right that schools are closed when they're open, and a lot of other places. Theme parks are closed. When they're opening a lot of other places. The cases are down 60%. That doesn't seem to matter. We got over two million vaccines sitting in warehouses. That never reached anybody's arm. It's just every day is the same story and people go are I don't know what what? Why would you recall the governor? I don't know. Why would you Now. Here's the fascinating story from India. What hasn't he screwed up India just a few months ago, like California in L. A county was inundated with the coronavirus. Uh, it says here, according to this story, who ran this was this The Washington Post? That Back in November. Large public hospital, where one of the people they interviewed works was full of covert 19 patients. Three months later, the situation's unrecognizable the number of coronavirus patients of the hospital can be counted on one hand. Out of 200 ventilators on the tour in use. Hospitals treating covert 19 patients around the country report similar experiences. The retreat of the coronavirus in India, the world's second most populous nation is a mystery. Just months ago, India was adding 100,000 cases a day more than any other country. But on Tuesday just 8635 cases in the whole country. That's about the number recorded the same day by New York State with a population is only 2% is less than 2% of India's. That's weird. It just said well disappeared. The theory. Is that the virus is finding it harder to spread because a significant proportion of the population least in the city's has already been infected. Now India has a much younger population than we do so it's possible that people got the virus in India and didn't even know it. But that gave him a level of immunity with the virus could not infiltrate a duel. They do have masks and some indoor settings and in the large cities but in many parts of the country. There's nobody masked on the streets. No restaurants, balls and markets are bustling, right? The results of a nationwide antibody survey of 28,000 people indicated that more than one in five people in India about 270 million people had been exposed to the virus as of early January. And in major cities, the infection rates are running even higher. In in Delhi. Study of 28,000 people found 56% had Corona virus antibodies. Wow. You wouldn't think happened in Mumbai in another country of the city. There the city's air very crowded in congested. That's exactly true. I mean, that place was ever destined to have coronavirus run right through it. They're wondering if it's the younger population and the fact that they may have some sort of different immune system. Boy. How do I put this politely? You know if you go to India supposed to get shots But it could be the people there have um or immune to dance. It's built up. They have a lot of Strange diseases really in all of Asia and Africa that Americans never run into. I mean, I remember going to Africa to take six shots. Six. My family? Yeah. When I went to Thailand, I only took like, three. Yeah, so they have their They have their own set of illnesses that we have no experience with. So maybe they've got an immune system that resulted in a population with the more stealthy immune system or healthy and more Yeah, because they think there is some immunological factor. They still haven't been able to narrow down. But well, they they think that there's there's the people get asymptomatic. Reactions to the virus must have something in their immune system that makes them more resilient to it like we're just we're not all created equal with immune systems, either the different Countries were just different people within the same country. Which is why there's such a wide variety of reactions, right say the worst thing to have is an overactive immune system, which, after it gets finished fighting the virus, then starts fighting the rest of your body, and that's what kills a lot of these people. Called the site of King Storm and started keen's doing right starts trashing all your lung tissues, and those of the people end up on ventilators and then dying. It's not like directly from the virus. It's Zsa byproduct of the attack its soldiers shooting their own side. Yes, I remember that story. That's true. Yeah. Now India's only vaccinated four million people would you know they have a huge population. You would think the east side of that way would be would be approaching. This situation soon, right? Some sort of herd immunity level because there's so many people infected. Yes, because they think three times as many people In L, A county and in the in the U. S have actually gotten the virus. Three times, then have been reported with most people, either getting it mild symptoms. They never bothered to go get an official test because that was a pain in the ass much of the time, or they didn't notice that had it. She going to East away? We're obviously the rates of spread is very high. Now multiply that by three. At some point how many people are left? So maybe maybe maybe This is the most optimistic look, you know the numbers will just suddenly plummet. On their plummeting pretty fast in California were down 61%.

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