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Now when a player doesn't like a contract, they hold out right now veasley well, straight, talk wireless. You never have to because there is no contract and they use the exact same four g. l. t. towers as the carriers. But for a lot less straight, talk wireless only at WalMart referred to terms and conditions of service at straight, talk dot com. All right. Cameron Mabon looks like he is going to go to the Seattle Mariners. That is not a fishy epithet is what we believe. Adam Jones looks like. He will not be dealt at all in the mix for Chris Archer, Atlanta Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and the dodgers d-box pickup breads. Ziegler Phillies are in deep talks for catcher, Wilson Ramos. Okay. Leona smarten to the Indians from the Tigers Yankee supposedly have some interest, Andrew, mccutchen and Bryce Harper Cording to GM. Mike Rizzo is not going anywhere. Okay, so no huge moves out there. It doesn't feel like we're on the verge of a blockbuster trade unless you consider Chris Archer to be an early pitcher. Well, I think he can anchor staff. I don't know that that's going to be, you know, one of those moves at contending team is gonna make dodgers get Chris Archer we, but he's not. He's not going to be, you know, he's going to be what you're third best pitcher on that. You clearly Kershaw and then I don't my ADA. They've hill they would and it's a pretty formidable staff. Yeah, that'd be. That'd be a problem. Are they in your mind the favorites to go to the World Series in the National League? It's between them two cups. I think those are two teams and because the dodgers got off to that shaky start, I feel like I have more confidence and the cubs, Joe Madden and what they're doing, what they've done throughout the course of the season. Although I think they're facing some tough competition with Milwaukee. I to take all the blame. I was really bad in our pyramid game less because I wasn't good, and I'm a game, show guy. Maybe the potential direct retiring. Really hit me harder than I thought really maybe. So I just can't envision jeopardy with Alex doing it for like thirty six years. I mean, it's just it's so we did the sixteen most likely to improve this year. Now the sixteen most likely to decline in two thousand eighteen. I'm going to be better. Okay, let's do it new quarterback dome stadium. New quarterback in a dome stadium and it about Amazon know what are we talking about? NFC championship game. We're talking about the Minnesota, Minnesota Vikings. They went the rate back though. You don't. You don't. I mean, that has to be because Aaron Rodgers is coming back and they're thinking that he's going to stay healthy for all sixteen in a regular season. That's what that's based on. Right. I think that they were so good last year that they can. They be better than last year. I feel like the upgraded at the quarterback position and there's no more impactful position on a football field and quarterback Kirk cousins is better than case keenum, but will Kirk cousins be better this year than case keenum was last year. I agree with you. He's a better quarterback. Well, I think there's the potential for him to be, and the fact that you do have a quarterback that has the arm talent to stretch to field and challenge every single level of the defense. I think that makes a difference I do. And especially when you consider potentially having Davin cooking your line for the entire regular season. Right? But they could be a better team ever worth record. They could be. But the only reason that that would happen would be because Aaron Rodgers is coming back healthy. I don't look at the Detroit Lions, the team contending. Look at the better though the bears are going to be better, but I don't look at them as a team that's on par with the Minnesota Vikings Vikings are one of the Alabama. I'm is what Bill right on the message. All right team to likely to have a decline this coming season. What do I want to go here? It elite offense of talent at the skill positions. Okay, terrible towel. I mean, that's well, this is what I did see, I told you I was better the Steelers, right? You should have just said a team that you probably wouldn't like, and you played against him late in your career..

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