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To hear positive. Franc's thrown out the hair. He's got the beard he's got the gigantic nineteen eighty-four shades I love it. Everything about Gronk is special. He is going to do some special things coming back, watch out. I know you guys think I'm in love with Tom. Maybe you're right but Brady GRONK. It's it's it's Jordan and pippen. It's everything watch out. Tampa Bay is going to be lethal, great positive story there and please don't be that person comments on eleven. Thousand Dollars says that's all you're doing. They didn't have to do anything they. They're gonNA. Pay I mean it's not that much. Colefax but it's an amazing gesture. Can you believe that there are people that actually do this when you donate? It doesn't matter if it's eleven thousand if it's eleven million, there are always going to say what that's it. YOU'RE A billionaire. Frustrating! I believe there's people like that. They're they're. They're out there. They're called trolls. It's a sad thing, but this is a good store. Yeah, good job Gronk am I my. Cowherds going all in on the drew lock thing and I'm going all in on Tom Brady. TAP, Peyton manning did for the Broncos don't Oh new team. I mean I want to be there with you with Brady but. You've been brought before though he was on your fantasy team a few times. He went. For four weeks it was working. Killing and then kind of faded. Because mahomes came onto the scene. I don't think Brady's GONNA couple years ago. I don't think he's going to break records or anything but I think he's going to have a really good year. It's GONNA win game. Yes, and they have a defense. They have defense and they have some good skill set players so I. I liked Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay in Kansas, city is probably GonNa be the Super Bowl. You guys can go ahead and get your tickets ready and everything I. Don't know if you can go to the Games yet, but we'll see, but that's what I like. I I know upsets, broncos, fans, but But the West belongs to Kansas City at least one more year twenty three minutes after the hour on the rocks, liquor brings us our game game of the week. This one's from crabtree.

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