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Everybody was tested before getting on board and and nobody was allowed on who is certainly showing symptoms of coronavirus a fever a sore throat dry cough and that sort of thing there's will Ripley at twenty two till the race to the White House runs through Nevada this week early voting got underway this weekend and caucuses are this coming Saturday in the meantime John Laurence reports democratic candidates are stumping throughout the silver state trying to build support long lines of caucus goers in Nevada this weekend more than eighteen thousand Democrats showed up Saturday the first day of early voting for the state's caucuses there's a lot of Democrats coming out to be Donald Trump and some of the candidates trying to do exactly that are making their case Nevada is it's your turn now to decide who you want to be the leader of your party and the next president nine states and I'm here to audition Donald Trump your going to be a one term president your honor recent national polls don't yet sure particular favorite democratic presidential candidate in the state the heart of America is so much bigger than the heart of this guy in the White House we are ready to put the corruption behind us are you ready to put the tweets behind us early voting ends Tuesday and the carcasses are Saturday and Canada's fault let's set backs like colds keep them from a microphone we can make government work for the people we just have to be willing to do it when you see something wrong in America at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue you show up and fight it president trump is heading to Nevada this week to talk criminal justice reform with graduates who were previously incarcerated I'm John Lawrence reporting with that update on the presidential candidates at twenty till Jimbo Hannon's guest he is running for Congress we're talking with a guest who is a veteran a home schooler for her children a former adjunct professor of corporate finance the author of a book nothing to lose everything to gain and the subtitle being black and conservative in America Kathy Barnett our guest by guess is you've taken a lot of grief for being a black woman who is a conservative you know I want to say to people that you cannot be black conservatives our weekly support the policies of this president and have been scattered in data cannot be used again because the moment you say any of those particular things especially if you do a combination people are going to level and self that year yes I have yeah I would I would dare say you are running for Congress of the website is Kathy Barnett for Congress dot com be A. R. N. E. T. T. E. it's the Pennsylvania fourth district which has a Democrat incumbent although she is first term and I believe the district itself is fairly new it's in the suburbs of of Philadelphia tell us more about that that grace yeah I am so excited I am the first black person to ever be endorsed and doing the acting only by the Republican Party here Montgomery County is that second wealthiest county and the state of Pennsylvania out of sixty seven counties and I and I'm so excited there's so much energy there's so much enthusiasm and people are waiting there is you know I think the Republican Party and be around up in energized but I think there is a large number of independents and Democrats not Liberal Democrat but more moderate Democrats who are looking for home these people are no longer represented by the far left leaning side of their party when you have virtually every wind rushing to Alan Bernie Bernie Sanders you have a problem on your hands and the incumbent her nickname is the mad mad at Madeline dean she has signed on to this whole reminded new immigration reform bill out of fifty eight or fifty three eighty three the new way for Dale and didn't build literally makes the green deal look like a walk in the park on a sunny day wow so I I take it that you will be differ re weather and a wide variety of of the the issues of the day now in your in your race forward I'd like to know a bit more about this part of your book and I'll just quote here from the boat got nothing to lose everything to gain does racism still exist in America absolutely yes should we quietly live along side it is some acceptable amount of gray areas in life emphatically no but perhaps we should ask ourselves are there degrees of racism and this all racism the same but that is a perspective builder you know I mean and I've never federated them doesn't exist of course raises the Megadeth racism is nothing but another form of hate and hate can be and the movable as a parcel of land now back in the day during slavery and Jim crow laws on days when someone and hated me or had one I'm showing races tendencies toward me now that has some strong and location as I can have the KKK in my yard on that night I can I can be facing lynching there so many either well Linden scenes that really did happen in our country that is not the case today and even today I tell my children we have an obligation to speak today and such a manner that honored after all the whole nation not just black people but a whole nation that has worked hard to right the wrongs that were visited upon people like me because of the color of my dance Kathy Burnette conservative political commentator the author of nothing to lose everything the game or website Kathy Barnett for Congress be A. R. N. E. T. T. E. Kathy Burnette for Congress dot com sixteen sale coming up Disney world and Disneyland serves that up vegan style when American morning returns after these messages six children's knows that kids ask a lot of questions especially when they're sick mom what spread die thirty three artificial food coloring let's toast corn syrup ohm process sugar summer surprising.

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